Paris in October

What’s on in October?

“Nuit Blanche”

  • The project’s aim is to organize nocturnal events and activities in various public buildings and venues in and around Paris, including museums, libraries, monuments, places of worship, tourist sights, cinemas, parks and gardens, hospitals and universities. It’s a great opportunity to discover the wonders of Paris by night.

Salon du Chocolat

October to November – Paris

  • “Paris Banlieue Tango Festival” – Tango takes over the Paris environs during this festival that includes concerts, dancing, music and singing workshops, cinema and video, art exhibitions, photography, theater, debates, lectures, food and cabaret evenings.

October – Paris

  • “Montmartre Harvest Festival” – Montmartre invites everyone to celebrate the arrival of the precious “Clos Montmartre” wine. Sip the 2005 vintage and enjoy the highlights of this classic tradition: displays of regional produce, street musicians and singers, the election of the Harvest queen and a parade dedicated to Bacchus.
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