Paris in February

Paris in February is a delight. My birthday’s in February, so it’s always a very special month for me.Mid-winter has passed, and although it’s still cold, it’s a great place to be without the tourist throngs, easier to get into places … who ever said you had to always go on holidays in summer?  Not me :-)

As long as I’m travelling or enjoying a different culture, I’m happy at any time of the year but February makes me extra happy :-)

Paris in February - Paris Carnaval

Above: Paris Carnaval

Paris : February things to see and do

Paris in February - St Valentines Day

Throughout Feb – Festival of St Valentine

Who else but the Parisians in the City of Love would they go all out to celebrate St. Valentines Day? If you’re visiting Paris in February you’ll be treated to over 170 luminous panels in all 20 Parisian districts. These panels are generally used for every day mundane city information, but this month they’ll be carrying messages of love, lust and like, from admissions of infatuation to grand marriage proposals.

February – March – Six Nations Rugby

Pris is invaded for 5 huge weekends of rugby – the invadors? The British and the Celtic :-)

Held at the Stade de France [Stadium of France]

Paris in February - Carnaval de Paris is not to be missed

Above: Poster from 2009

February – Carnaval de Paris

Parisians come out in their hundreds to participate in this wonderful yearly procession, which is also known as the Pantruche Carnaval and the Saint-Fargeau.

The parade meanders along  the streets of Paris to the sounds of trumpets and all kinds of instruments, until it reaches l’Hotel de Ville – the town hall.

500 ans de tradition !!

500 years of tradition!

Soyez spectateurs,

Soyez acteurs!

Site is in French:

There is also another organisation – CARNAVAL DE PARIS –

14 February – St Valentine’s Day

Ahhhh romance is in the air!

You’re in the City of Love, and you want to treat your sweetie to something fabulous to remember.

Will it be a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride, a romantic cruise on the River Seine, followed by dinner and a show at the Lido? Perhaps it’ll be chocolates or flowers, or spending a day visiting the romantic paintings in the museums and art galleries of Paris? Whatever you choose to do in Paris, it’ll be special.

February – Chinese New Year in Paris

Paris’ Chinese community celebrates the Chinese New Year with a fantastic parade of music, fireworks, martial arts demonstrations, dancing and giant dragons and serpents. The action is in Chinatown which stretches between Place d’Italie and the Porte de Choisy, in the 13th arrondissement.  This is the most important Chinese festival of the year and lasts over many days.

Paris in February - Chinese New Year - Nouvel An Chinois

Throughout February – Open Gaz de France

Some of the world’s top woman tennis players are brought together by the Open Gaz de France. The prize money is a juicy US$600,000. Played on the indoor courts of the Stade Pierre de Coubertin, the weather is never a problem.

Paris in February

… has everyone’s mind thinking of the glorious days of spring, when winter is no longer nipping at noses and fingers. It’s still cold, but definitely not as cold as December.

Ongoing : Paris sur Glace

Today’s weather – how cold do you think it is?

* Minimum temperature: 3 degrees C (35.6 degrees F)

* Maximum temperature: 8 degrees C (46.4 degrees F)

* Average temperature: 2 degrees C (37.4 degrees F)

* Average rainfall: 39 millimeters (1.5 inches)

February is the month when romantic thoughts turn to Valentine’s Day, cuddling with your sweetie, strolling hand in hand on a cold day, romantic dinners and cocktails … and don’t forget cruises on the River Seine which may also involve chocolate :-)

Even if you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day, Paris in February puts on some spectacular events like Chinese New Year, when you can witness colourful processions of fabulous dragons and dancers liven up the south of Paris.

Definitely consider February in Paris because it is low season and you should get great rates on airfares and hotels.

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Paris in February you should take advantage of the short or non-existent queues to see the city’s best monuments and attractions, like introducing yourself to the Mona Lisa, and having your photo taken at Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower.

The winter sales are coming to an end

February is the end of Paris’ annual busy winter sales, where you might find a fabulous bargain to take home with you – your very own ‘French label’.

Watching the world go by from a cafe

I love sitting in cafes year-round, but winter is especially pretty, a lot less busy, and wonderful to sit in a cosy cafe, hot chocolate grasped in chilly hands, slowly warming them up as you watch the world go by. People watching is one of my all-time favourites no matter where I am. :-)

So check out the cafes all over Paris, from Rue Mouffetard to the Latin Quarter or Saint-Germain-des-Près – and don’t forget to talk to strangers, practice your French, and HAVE FUN!


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