Paris Map

This Paris map shows the 20 districts/suburbs of Paris, called arrondissements in French.

Paris Map showing the 20 districts of Paris

75001 75002 75003 75004 75005 75006 75007 75008 75009 75010 75011 75012
Click a number for the map de Paris : 75001 | 75002 | 75003 | 75004 | 75005 | 75006 | 75007 | 75008 | 75009 | 75010 | 75011 | 75012

Each arrondissement has its own personality, its own quirks and neighbourhoods points of interest, some have ethnic flavours, others are more business-like.  You’ll be able to easily get to know Paris by looking at this Paris map.

The arrondissements are numbered from 75001 to 75020, and are shaped like a coil (or a snail shape) with 75001 in the centre of this Paris map, and the following number moving to the right, then under, up and over again.

When talking abouty the arrondissements you can call each suburb by the number, for example the ‘first’ – “I’m going to a restaurant in the first tonight.” People will understand this means the ‘first arrondissement‘.  In French this is written as – le 1ere – pronounced as le premier – translated to ‘the first’.


The 1st arrondissement is the heart of Paris and where you’ll find the majority of tourists start exploring – on the Paris Map it’s in the centre. The highlights here are The Louvre (museum), Les Halles (The Halls – shopping) and the Palais Royal (Royal Palace). Sail a boat in the Jardin de Tuilleries(Tuilleries Gardens). Book a Hotel in Paris 1er »


The 2nd arrondissement is where you’ll find the Paris Stock Market (le Bourse) and the marvellous Bibliothèque Nationale(National Library). Famous restaurant suppliers E. Dehillerin is in the 2nd. Book a Hotel in Paris 2eme »


Along with the 4ème arrondissement, the 3rd arrondissementneighborhood is part of the Marais, one of the oldest Paris neighborhoods. You can still find many of the fabulous 17th century mansions which were once home to the noblest French families. Visit Picasso’s Museum in this wonderful old neighbourghood in the 3rd. Book a Hotel in Paris 3eme »


The 4th arrondissement is where I lived for 3 years, close to the Bastille monument (at Metro Bastille). Such a wonderful lively neighborhood with a strong alternative lifestyle scene as well as lots of trendy bars, shops, and restaurants. The rue des Rosiers is a centerpiece of Jewish lifestyle in Paris and the Ile St. Louis and the Ile de la Cité are the oldest parts of Paris.  Shop for antiques in Village St. Paul.
Book a Hotel in the Marais »


Ahhh the famous Latin Quarter. The 5th arrondissement was named because of the Sorbonne University where Latin was the language for all students during the Middle Ages. I love this neighborhood, and it’s where you’ll see lots of friendly faces in cafes and bars,  has the feel of a small village and students mix freely with professionals in its winding streets. The rue Mouffetard is a primary artery where shops, international restaurants and student bars and cafés are found.Don’t forget to check out the Musée Histoire Naturelle– the Natural History Museum. Latin Quarter Hotels »


Paris map shows Café Flore in the 6th arrondissementSt. Germain is the 6th arrondissement. One of the most expensive districts in Paris, St Germain is home to the favourite Left bank cafés for artists, art dealers and dogs. Trendy boutiques, art galleries, and tons of restaurants can be found within this district. Café de Floreis one of the better known. Book a Hotel on the Left Bank »


The Eiffel Tower is in the 7th arrondissementOf course you absolutely must visit La Tour Eiffelthe Eiffel Tower, the Musée d’Orsay — Orsay Museum — and roam around the 7th arrondissementwhere many international residents are found. Book a Hotel in Paris 7eme near the Eiffel Tower »


l'Arc de Triomphe, Paris - find it on the Paris mapIf you are very brave, take your life in your hands and drive  around the roundabout at the majestic Arc de Triomphe (Arch of Triumph). The 8th arrondissement is an upscale neighborhood with the area around the Champs Elysèe has lots of tourists doing their best to find the best that shopping allows. Between the Champs Elysees and Place de la Madeleineis a delightful mixture of 19th century buildings inbetween regular businesses. Book a Hotel in Paris 8eme »


The 9th arrondissement is home of the Opera Garnier – do pop in to buy honey from the bee hives on the roof, a unique gift from Paris.  This district is residential with an artistic crowd. North is the sex ‘red light’ district, Pigalle where you can also find the famous Moulin Rouge(Red Mill). Book a Hotel in Paris 9eme »


Start at La Bastille (the Bastille Monument) and spend a fabulous day cruising along the Canal St Martin (St Martin’s Canal).  You’ll also find the two main Paris train stations in the 10th arrondissement— the Gare de l’Est (Station of the East) and the Gare du Nord (Station of the North). A multi-cultural, bohemian area filled with marvellous cafes and restaurants, especially along the Canal St Martin — both Parisians and tourists love this area. Book a Hotel in Paris 10eme »


I’ve spent a lot of time in the 11th arrondissement, and lived on Boulevarde Voltaire for a while amongst a thriving village-like community. From the Metro Voltaire it’s a delightful short walk to Place de la Bastille and the New Opera House. Although primarily a residential area, there are some great little shops and restaurants to be found; my favourite restaurant here is Le P’tit Manger @ Metro Voltaire. Don’t forget to pass through the river locks of the Canal St Martin on a half day barge cruise(my favourite!) Book a Hotel in Paris 11eme »


The 12th arrondissement is another area I’ve lived in, a residential neighborhoodand with the Bois de Vincennes (the Vincennes park) close by. Don’t forget to walk along the Viaduc des Artsto see the fabulous unique arts and crafts in this old railway. Book a Hotel in Paris 12eme »


Home to Paris’ Chinatown and the Mitterand Library, the 13th district is also mostly a residential neighborhood. Book a Hotel in Paris 13eme »


Check out the restaurant La Coupole, an historic landmark with fabulous people-watching opportunities.  Also in the 14th arrondissement, Montparnasse and the Cité Universitaireare found amongst lively cafés and restaurants – check out the Blvd. Montparnasse. Book a Hotel in Paris 14eme »


You can’t miss the “Friday Night SKATE” where roller skaters start out on a fab adventure through the streets of Paris.  This 15th arrondissement has residences from very upscale in the area bordering the 7th arrondissement by the River Seine, to more affordable accommodation in the outlying areas. Book a Hotel in Paris 15eme »


A must-visit is the Musée du Vin (Wine Museum) – you won’t be driving after this adventure! Also found in the 16th arrondissement is the Bois de Boulogne and the Trocadero. Book a Hotel in Paris 16eme »


Grab a picnic — cheese, wine and baguette — and pop over to the Parc Monceau for a delightful relaxing day in Paris. In this 17th arrondissement near the Arc de Triompheare beaiutiful up-market residences. Book a Hotel in Paris 17eme »


Ahhhh Montmartre – artists’ mecca atop the hill in Paris, commanding views down over the rest of the city. I love the village feel and wandering amongst the artists with their easels set up in the Place du Tertre. Don’t miss the breathtaking view from the Sacre Coeur(Sacred Heart Church). Book a Hotel in Montmartre »


Have some fun! Arrive at Le Parc del la Villette via boat or barge on the Canal St Martin.  The 19th arrondissement is also home to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont. A wonderful array of ethnic restaurants and shops can also be found here. Pop into la Cité des Sciences et de L’Industriemuseum and cultural center for a wonderful way to while away an afternoon. Book a Hotel in Paris 19eme »


You can meet and greet the famous ‘dear departed’ at the Père-Lachaise cemetery. In this 20th arrondissementyou’ll find cool local cafés and restaurants alongside a nice residential area which is becoming trendy. Book a Hotel in Paris 20eme »