Paris City Map 75011 : Map of Paris France

Paris City Map 75011 - getting around in Paris - Paris metro map - map of Paris France

Paris City Map 75011 : 11th District : 11eme Arrondissement

Paris City Map 75011 :  Place de la Bastille.

The 11th arrondissement on its left side borders on the 4th and 3rd districts, and the main monument is the beautiful Place de la Bastille, where I used to live.  I actually lived in the 4th, on rue St Antoine, on the other side of the 11th.

There are some wonderful areas and streets, and if you spend just a small amount of time walking around the 11th, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the lovely atmosphere in this neighbourhood.

The Rues de Charonne and d’Oberkampf will no doubt charm lovers of rock music, leather jackets and motorbikes.  There are plenty of rock bars which you can visit without any feeling any sense of danger like you might in other countries..

The beautiful Rue du Faubourg St Antoine is well worth a leisurely stroll towards La Nation and you’ll see fabulous craftsmens’ stores along the way.

Paris City Map 75011 - getting around in Paris - Paris metro map - map of Paris France

Above: Place de la Bastille – the Bastille Monument.

How about a leisurely walk

Try a walk along Rues Oberkampf, de Charonne and de la Roquette, pop into some of the many bars bull of atmosphere and take time to check out the small exotic restaurants.

For a more peaceful walk, try Rue du Faubourg St Antoine, delightfully picturesque with wonderful courtyards to peer into, and lots of wonderful narrow lanes.

Looking for culture?

The main cultural attraction of the 11th arrondissement is the Place de la Bastille – a commanding and majestic monument which celebrates the freedom after the storming of the Bastille in 1789.

A spot of shopping

Try going down the small roads perpendicular to Rue de la Roquette, where you will find lots of small boutiques which specialise in all things to do with myths and legends (mystical spirits, statues of elves, and gnomes). Pop down Rue du Faubourg St Antoine to discover some wonderful handicrafts.


Map of Paris France - pop-out map

Paris street map – Map of Paris France – Paris tourist map

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