Paris City Map 75002

Paris City Map 75002 : Map of Paris France

Paris City Map - getting around in Paris - arrondissements, districts, areas

Paris City Map 75002 : 2nd District : 2eme Arrondissement : 2em

Paris City Map 75002 :  Located just above the 1st arrondissement, this is the central business district of Paris (the CBD)  – the Bourse (the Paris Stock Exchange) and the Bibliothèque Nationale.

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The 19th century passages in this arrondissement are fascinating to walk through, you’ll discover curio shops, great hidden treasures, tiny restaurants and other fabulous things.

Further east you’ll find Paris’ wholesale garment district. Perhaps one of the most famous streets, rue St-Denis prostitution is alive and well, thriving since the Middle Ages.
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Monuments etc
Main streets and squares
  • Brongnard Palace (stock Exchange)
  • Opera Garnier House
  • Tower of John the Fearless
  • Avenue de l’Opera
  • Rue de Reaumur
  • Blvd de Sebastopol
  • Rue Montorgueil
  • Blvd Montmartre
  • Place de la Bourse
  • Place de l’Opera
  • Clothing district
  • Red light district
  • Montorgueil walkway
  • St Denis passageway
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Favorite Streets in the 2nd arrondissement

Place des Victoires

Built in 1865 to celebrate the victory of Louis XIV over Spain, Holland, Piedmont and Germany, you’ll find the Place des Victoires lined with designer shops — Kenzo — Thierry Mugler etc. You may find the thriving specialty store Victoire has something you like.

Rue Montorgeuil

A well-known trendy area with a fabulously eclectic mix of cafes, bars and food stores nestled within ancient and interesting streets and homes.  Number 38 —  the L’Escargot Montorgueil — is a beautiful authentic example of 1830’s decor in Paris — it’s also a very well-known restaurant specializing in escargot – snails

Famous restaurant in the 2nd arrondissement

One of my all-time favourite restaurants and brasseries which I frequented on many occasions during the 1980s is the Pied au Cochon.  Can you believe the ovens have been going night and day since 1946? They’ve been serving people round the clock for over sixty years.  A real institution in Paris, and one not to be missed.

6, rue Coquillière – 75001 – PS – You might like to also read about other Brasseries on this website.

Opposite the St Eustache church and near the Georges Pompidou centre.

Visiting the Gardens in the 2nd arrondissement

Ahhh, the Jardin de Tuilleries

Designed by Andre Le Notre in 1664, this is one of the largest parks in Paris. Bordered by the Louvre, Rue de Rivoli, the Orangerie and the Jeu de Paume. If you are interested in art, the Orangerie houses Monet’s fabulous ‘Nympheas’ series of paintings — water-lilies painted at Giverny then donated to the nation by the artist as a spiritual testimony. The other place to visit – the Jeu de Paume — has  special exhibitions.

Palais Royal & Gardens

Constructed for Cardinal Richelieu in 1628, the southwest corner is the Comedie Francaise and the northwest corner is the 4-star ‘Grand Vefour’, well-known haute cuisine restaurant since the 1760s. The Palais Royal is also well-known as being home to Colette and Jean Cocteau.


Paris Metro Map

Getting around Paris by train is easy – all you need is a Paris Metro Map, your destination Metro name, and your home metro name so you know how to get back to your hotel or hostel accommodation.

Paris Street Map

I tell everyone about my favourite Paris street map – it’s a little hardcover book which fits in your back pocket, or handbag or backpack, and is called a ‘Plan de Paris’ (you pronounce that like this: Plon de Paree). If you’re looking for fabulous maps of Paris, start with this one.

Paris Maps

You’ll be able to find a map of Paris France in every tourist brochure, flyer, guidebook etc you come across in Paris.  The Parisians want to make sure you don’t get lost, so they make it easy to get around the City of Light and Love

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