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Bonne Annee! Happy New Year 2017! Postcards from Paris

Teena Hughes cartoon with Eiffel Tower on headBonjour a tous! Hello everyone!

Welcome to the New Year!

“Bonne Annee” in French means Happy New Year in English

I hope you rang in 2017 with lots of laughter, fun and festivities, and I do hope you have a spectacular year ahead filled with love, adventures and success!
There is so much to be grateful for in our daily lives, and I’d like to send you a big hug with my thanks for opening up Postcards from Paris each time I email it, and for being part of my life-long adventure!

Bonne Annee! Happy New Year from Teena Hughes


New Years in Paris

A Great Light Show for New Year’s Eve

Great news — I’ve finally done it! I’ve designed some Paris goodies and launched them TODAY!

Something I’ve wanted to do and have tried in the past is to set up a few little Parisian goodies to share with you, and now I’ve finally found a reputable place to sell things to remind me of Paris — if you have a moment, please do pop over to the Store and have a look. I’m planning all kinds of new designs, and if you have any REQUESTS, please do let me know by clicking the CONTACT link in the menu above!

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A Night

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What to do in Paris in January and February

  • January – LOTS of iceskating!
  • February :
    • Festival of St Valentine
    • Carnaval de Paris where Parisians come out in their hundreds to participate in this wonderful yearly procession, which is also known as the Pantruche Carnaval and the Saint-Fargeau
    • Chinese New Year and much more!
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La Tour Eiffel – the Eiffel Tower (video)

It’s in French, but still great to watch.

The Construction of the Notre Dame in Paris

Stay tuned for more Paris tidbits in the next few days!

Ciao ciao for now,

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Teena Hughes



(typing this to you in Australia on a little island off the east coast, at my local cafe right on the beach where I’m watching the yachts bobbing in the breeze!)

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Things to do in Paris in January

Things to do in Paris in January

“Teena can you recommend things to do in Paris in January?”

Frances is wondering what they can do in Paris in only 2 days in January.

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Paris

Message: We “nutsys” are coming to Paris Jan.7 for two days. I am looking for a couple of fun and interesting things to do. We are staying at the Hotel Powers ( rue Francois 1ere). I can’t walk long distances, and with the “wonderful” weather, I am hoping you could give us an idea. Are there any flea markets open at that time?

Teena says …

Hi there Frances,

What a fun time you’ll have, although 2 days isn’t nearly long enough to get a feel for such a wonderful city :-)

Here is my page of Paris markets:

and here are some other tips for this time of year:

Christmas Markets:

As I don’t know what you consider to be fun, I’m not sure what to recommend – you could go iceskating (not sure if this is possible for you or not), champagne cruise, browse ancient bookshops – here is my Paris tours page which might give you some ideas:

I hope you have a fabulous time!! I’m looking forward to being back in Paris in June and July this year :-)