How to talk to shopkeepers in French

19 January 2014

Knowing what to say and how to talk to shopkeepers in Paris will help you to have a wonderful experience.

Here is a great video I found which will help you — practice the pronunciation and in just a couple of minutes you’ll know enough French to get by each time you go shopping.


Examples of what to say to shopkeepers:

  • Je voudrais acheter six tomates, svp (s’il vous plait = please) = I would like six tomatoes please.
  • Je voudrais deux baguettes, svp. = I would like two baguettes (French bread sticks) please.
  • Je voudrais 500 gram de camembert, svp. = I would like 500 grams of camembert (cheese) please.
  • Je voudrais 200 gram de paté de compagne, svp (country paté). = I would like 200 grams of country paté please.

And you? Et toi?

Share your experience by leaving your comment below :

What do you normally say when you go shopping in local shops?
Can you now write down your own phrases and the French translation?
Did you notice other phrases when going to the shops and talking to shopkeepers?


2 Responses to “How to talk to shopkeepers in French”

  1. Bonjour Teena,

    Always a pleasure to read your “Postcard”. I will make my annual trip to the city I love so much
    the first of March 2016 for the Annual Agri Show. Was in Paris in Octobre or 2014 for my birthday.
    Fabulous dinner and show at Le Moulin Rouge. Bye the way, the locks have been taken down from
    the “Love lock bridge”. Hope to meet you there some day. Was there several years in a row to take
    several two day culinary courses at ” Le Cordon Bleu”…….FUN !

      Michael, what a wonderful trip awaits you in 2016!

      Sounds like you’re a lover of Paris just like me — in fact I know you are :-)

      The two-day culinary courses sound terrific — have you tried any of your new-found culinary skills back at home? I’d love to hear about that!

      We must try to be in Paris at the same time one year — that would be superb!

      Cheerio for now

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