Paris France Wheel Chair Rentals

Paris France Wheel Chair Rentals & Other Information

Wondering if you can you rent a wheelchair in Paris?

The answer is, “Yes! Absolutely!”

“Chaises Roulantes” = are the French words for “Wheelchair”

Paris France Wheel Chair Rentals -- Wheelchair and scooter rental in Paris - getting around for the disabled

In Paris France wheel chair rentals might at first seem hard to find, but I’ve spent a lot of time on the internet digging up some wonderful links which I hope will help make your visit to Paris as smooth as possible.

I do need to mention something up front — Paris is an ancient city, with many small streets, small buildings (some without lifts or elevators), and not built for handicap access.  Over the past 10-15 years I have seen lots of changes, new restaurants and stores which have enabled handicap access — which is fantastic news!

So please — do not criticise Paris for not being as handicap-friendly as newer, younger cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sydney, Toronto etc — this city is much, much older, and that history and charm is why we love to visit Paris.

Ready? Grab a drink, get comfy, and start checking out these great links to help plan a trip to Paris for those with disabilities and who need handicap access. Enjoy!

UPDATE January 2017

I have found great links for 2017 – 2018 which cover everything from well-known locations to hire wheelchairs, to getting around, finding public toilets and restrooms and even dining out:

Free admission and reductions for disabled people

Download the Accessible Paris Guide

Getting around Paris for disabled visitors

Tons of practical information


For those with a disability who need wheelchairs but can’t bring them with them on their trips, there are lots of options now available.

Paris appears to be wheelchair-friendly from all the information I have found.

Paris transport disabled and handicapped optionsJohn visited Paris in a wheelchair in 2010 – here are his excellent tips!

Many museums like the Louvre will hire out wheelchairs, and I have found several links which I include below.

More and more metro and RER stations are equipped to provide improved access to people with disabilities (spacious lifts, ramps). Numerous bus routes are fitted with lower floors and retractable ramps. A detailed plan showing all accessible stations and routes is available from RATP ticket offices.

  • Visit any Metro or Information Office dotted all over Paris for more information.


The Louvre : Paris France Wheel chair rentals

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Paris France wheel chair rentals at Disneyworld?

“At Disneyland Resort Paris, guests with disabilities can enjoy the magic, … Wheelchairs can be rented at the “Strollers and Wheelchair Rental” shop at …”

Parc & Chateau de Bagatelle, Paris
Exhibitions, concerts and various cultural events are periodically heldin the castle and the magnificent Bagatelle gardens, which span 59 acres (24 hectares) in the Bois de Boulogne. The annual Festival de Chopin � Paris, founded in 1983, takes place each June and July at the Orangerie de Bagatelle.

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Articles : Paris France Wheel chair rental


Excellent articles on Paris France Wheel chair rentals & holidays:


Wheelchair Accessible Travel in Paris – 2005

Howard L. Chabner and Michele E. DeSha 2005


This supplement to our article – Paris Passerelles -Wheelchair Accessible Travel In Paris – 2003 – is based on ourtrip to Paris in 2005.  It is most useful if read along with Paris Passerelles, which contains far more comprehensive information and is available on the websites where this supplement is published. ”

Suggestion …

You could also try the local hospital and Social Security offices … they might be able to rent you a wheelchair, or tell you where to find one.

Here is a phrase in French, to get you started:

“Est-ce possible de louer une chaise roulante ici, sinon, pouvez vous m’indiquer ou je pourrais en trouver une … Merci beaucoup.”

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Enjoy your visit to France!!  I do hope this Paris France Wheel Chair Rentals page has provided lots of great solutions!