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Paris transport disabled

Finding Paris transport disabled and handicapped information is becoming easier.  More businesses, stores, buildings are becoming aware this is an important feature to provide, and there are many business people who are willing and keen to comply.

Having said that, you may still experience challenges in all older buildings where it is impossible to change the structure and layout.  So although Paris  is not the most  handicapped-friendly city in the world, there is a great move to change that in the coming years – the French are definitely trying to upgrade metro and other access wherever possible.

Paris transport disabled and handicapped

For more transport in Paris info and indepth notes on wheelchair rental and access to museums etc in Paris, please visit the Wheelchairs in Paris page.

Wheelchair/Handicap accessible Metro

Line 14, bus line 20 and some buses on the 91 line

Some SNCF trains, and RER lines A and B.

Book vehicles for handicapped/disabled travellers

There are now a few companies which provide transportation specifically for the disabled. Call 48 hours in advance to make your booking.

Aihrop – for adapted vehicles to and from airports call:  33 1 41 29 01 29

GiHP – for adapted transport within the city call:  33 1 33 41 83 15.

A very helpful site is

Look for the Tourisme et Handicap label, found in many places (more common now in Paris).

Wheelchair-friendly cafe

I did notice recently that there are a few Starbucks cafes with lifts/elevators and wheelchair-friendly toilets and restrooms.

Paris Transport Disabled Links

Paris transport disabled and handicapped optionsWhere to rent a Wheelchair.

Paris transport disabled and handicapped optionsRestaurants with handicap access.

Paris transport disabled and handicapped optionsDownload  listing of museums and hotels with disability rating.

Paris transport disabled and handicapped – Tours, helpful tips for disabled/handicapped travellers

Paris transport disabled and handicapped optionsFamily and Disabled Traveler Tours with

Paris transport disabled and handicapped optionsPersonal story of hotel accessibility in Paris for disabled travellers

Other Paris transport system options

Getting around in Paris >>

Where can I complain about Velib in Paris? (Jan 2018)

 “Where can I complain about Velib in Paris?” Michael of Ireland asks

I recently got over charge for using the bikes around paris.

I used it for 1 and half hours and got charged €8 euro and then €4 for my partner.

Do you have an email to make a complaint please.


of Ireland



Where can I complain about Velib in Paris? asks Michael (image)Hi there Michael,

Thanks for visiting my website!

I’m sorry you’ve had a problem with renting a bike to ride in Paris.

Here is the most recent website link to the Contact page for the Velib company – it’s in French, but I’ll add an image to help you fill it in:

I hope this helps.

Good luck,


Velib Office Hours and Contact page:

  • office open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 10:00pm
  • office open Saturday 9:00am to 10:00pm
  • office open Sundays and public holidays 9:00am to 7:00pm.
  • go to the Contact form:


Where can I complain about Velib in Paris?



How to contact Vélib in Paris (updated January 2018)

Their website in French is here:

Their Facebook page is :

Their twitter is :

Their phone, in France :  01 76 49 12 34

Additional Steps to take:

  1. make sure you have your receipts (either paper, or on a device like smartphone or tablet – iPhone, iPad etc)
  2. take PHOTOS of your paper receipts, and email them to yourself for evidence (in case you lose them)
  3. find the closest Tourist Information Office >>
  4. tell them what has happened, and ask them to please help you contact the company direct to solve the issue
  5. if necessary, contact your credit card company (or bank) and tell them there has been a problem with a particular company, and ask for their advice
  6. ask whether you can put the payment “on hold” until the problem is “resolved”.

When you have received advice from both your credit card company or bank, as well as the Tourist Information Office, you will be in a better position to deal with the problem.

Act on the problem straight away, don’t leave it for weeks, as it’s best to sort it out as quickly as possible.

If you’d like to complain because you’ve had a problem with a Velib in Paris

Just like in any other city, things can go wrong when you rent or hire a Velib in Paris.

  1. Take photos of the the bike, the lock – everything – in case you need to present them to make your case.
  2. If you have a problem with overcharging, contact them immediately.
  3. Whatever you do, DO NOT get angry – be calm and provide exactly what they’re asking for, and it should all get sorted to everyone’s satisfaction.

Best of luck!

Teena Hughes

Getting Around : other Paris transport system options

How accessible is the Paris Metro is for wheelchair users?

How accessible is the Paris Metro? Wheelchair and scooter rental will help in Paris - getting around for the disabled

How accessible is the Paris Metro for wheelchair users, travelling with a companion? Look forward to an early response.

UK Tourist

Thank you for visiting my website and posting a question about wheelchair access.

The underground Paris metro (train system) was built many years ago and has tons of stairs throughout to connect to different platforms – making it a bit tricky for a wheelchair, but there are definitely ways to get around.

Wheelchair/Handicap accessible Metro

There are aproximately 50 Metro/RER stations within Paris which have elevators/lifts and accessibility for wheelchairs.

The stations listed on the map (which I have attached) are the reduced mobility accessible stations. Although the stations themselves are accessible, very few Metro / RER lines have easy roll-on accessibility for getting onto the train.

Metro Line 14 and RER E have complete roll-on / roll-off access for wheelchairs right onto the trains and all station stops are accessible by elevator.

The other Metro lines which have accessibility right onto the train include Metro Lines 1, 2, and 13. The RER B train, popular for its CDG Airport to Paris line, only has complete accessibility at Gare du Nord station.

Other information about the map:

“On the left hand side of the map, half-way down, is an index of Metro, RER and Train stations (”Index des gares et stations accessibles”). Listed here are station names (ex. Auber), the type of train served: Metro (subway), RER (suburban train / express subway), or Train (intercity train), which lines are served (RER A, Metro Line 14, etc.) and whether wheelchairs can roll-on/roll-off unassisted onto the train cars. A red asterisk beside the train type and line means wheelchairs cannot roll onto trains and will need assistance at that point.

The map also shows wheelchair accessible Paris Bus lines along with bus stops that have specifically designed ramps for ease of access. Buses along these lines will have the ability to kneel and deploy a ramp for wheelchair roll-on/roll-off access. Bus stops that specifically do not have accessible ramps will be marked with a caution sign (yellow triangle with exclamation point).” (from Paris By Train)

Links which may also help you :

This SNCF official service will assist people in wheelchairs, and you’ll be met at the train station by a representative who will assist you with all your arrangements — download their PDF on this page with more information:


Also check out this other page on this website — Paris France Wheelchair Rental

I hope this information has been of some help, and that my website provided some further info on Paris for you.

Have a delightful day,
Teena Hughes

Some other pages on my website which might be helpful:

So how accessible is the Paris Metro? After all this info I’m hoping you’ve found it’s a lot more accessible for folks with disabilities than you first thought. Let me know your experience in Paris, perhaps it will help another reader? Thanks in advance!

I hope I have answered the question:  “How accessible is the Paris Metro is for wheelchair users?”

cheerio for now


Free Walking Tour #01

Free Walking Tour #01

Got a couple of free days? A free walking tour of Paris might be the perfect thing to do – wander at your leisure, pop into a few marvellous museums, see historical landmarks, and get to know the French :-) Here’s one suggestion: Free walking tour of Paris France

There is a group of Parisians who would love to show you around for an hour or two at absolutely no cost!

This is amazing generous, so contact them in advance to make a reservation:

Pop over to Paris Greeters >>

Paris is a city perfect for walking – much more so than even New York, San Francisco or Sydney, in my humble opinion, as it’s small enough to get around easily.  Enjoy these walks, see parts of Paris you didn’t expect to see :-)

Paris Transport Bus

Paris public transport system is great

Paris Transport Bus ServicesParis transport bus systems are easy to use and get around.

I found Paris transport bus stops everywhere, are easy to find, and so easy to understand.

When I first started catching the bus in Paris, I was pretty terrified I’d miss the stop, or I wouldn’t recognise where I was when I looked out the window, and it was extremely nerve-wracking.

I then started to notice the two best things about buses in Paris [which should be duplicated in bus systems all over the world … in my humble opinion … if they’re not already].

Best bus thing #1

Along the centre of the bus and suspended from the roof, I found a map for the bus route of the bus on which I was travelling. It took me a while to work out what it meant, but once I figured it out I felt MUCH better :-) and I travelled safely without worrying about where I was.

I could look at the simplified map and recognise street names, or bus stop names which matched streets etc, and then the mystery disappeared.

Now I was happy to take buses all over the place.

Oh – almost forgot! Best bus thing #2

… was a clock placed at the front of the bus so everyone could see it — what a wonderful thing. Why don’t they do this in other cities around the world? Beats me :-)

Getting around Paris by bus

The RATP website is your one-stop spot for all info regarding métro, buses, and trains outside Paris –

  • Click the little English flag in the top right to read the site in English.
  • Now click the GETTING AROUND button to work out how to get from Point A to Point B.

On the site you’ll find a form where you can put in your ‘from” and “to” locations, which method of transport you prefer, and a few other things, and you get the best instructions, directions and locations.

As an added bonus you can also find info on eating out, hiring Velib bikes, and even info on latest movies. If you have access to the internet this will be one bookmark you’ll keep.

Paris after hours bus service – the Noctilien

Paris Transport Bus Noctilien ServiceThere’s nothing worse than being out late, having fun, and then not being able to get back home.

Taxis might be rare, but if you knew about the night bus service – the Noctilien – you wouldn’t have to worry at all.

Would you like to ask about or recommend great ways of getting around in Paris?

Please post your comment or question about the Paris transport bus system in the Comments below – many thanks indeed!