The easiest way to learn French

If you’re looking for the easiest way to learn French, you’ve probably been all over the internet and are now confused by all the choices.

I have a tip for you – if you’re on a tight budget, you can learn French for free by listening to French radio – on the internet!

Someone I know improved her French tremendously by doing this, and now I’ve started too. Yes, I do speak French, but I don’t get practice very often unless I’m visiting Paris (which I do for about a month or so each year).

How to follow the easiest way to learn French

Pop over to Radio France Internationale – RFI –


Although the website is in French, you’ll be able to navigate, and I’ll help you with some tips. On this pageyou will see lots of choices, and don’t worry if you don’t understand them yet. Look for this section in the centre – I have translated the sense of the words to help you:


The easiest way to learn French on the internet is French radio

To get started, click the text in blue which is beneath the photo of the moon. This is the Description and it is hyperlinked so by clicking on it you will be taken to a new page.



Want to learn some French Love Phrases?

Pop over to the French Love Phrases pages to learn some simple French words to share with your loved one – it’s oh so romantic!  You can even sign up for the weekly French Love Phrase newsletter, which simply provides a phrase or two each week to learn, and is very easy to follow.