French Dictionary & Grammar books

French dictionary and grammar guides will help you learn this wonderful romantic language.

I remember that my French dictionary was used every day when I first arrived in Paris – my brain was fried and I thought I’d never get the hang of the French phrases … but I did. With perseverance and practice3, Istarted to learn French :-)

French English Dictionary

With the help of my French English dictionary I was able to stumble through many tricky situations, because the French people were so patient and helpful with my schoolgirl attempts at French.

When I first moved to Paris, I felt totally unprepared for speaking French – all I could say was my name, and that the sky was blue – not a good selection of topics :-)  I signed up for an intensive French Course for four weeks, and I attended the class five days a week, every morning for half a day.  From memory I think there were at least 10 different languages spoken in our group, but in order to communicate with eath other, we had to learn French – a great incentive.

After the first week we were all able to buy baguettes and a glass of wine without fear, and we all carried a French dictionary at all times so we could try our new language.  At the end of the four weeks, we could all have a conversation and make ourselves understood – a great start to our lives in Paris.

French phrases

Learning French phrases is extremely important so that you’ll have all those pleasant things to say which come naturally in your own language – of course ‘good morning / afternoon / evening’ are a must, but so is asking where the metro is, or where to find a toilet, or what a beautiful day is is – the weather is a top topic in every language.

To help you with your own fabulous French adventure, I’ll find a range of great French English dictionaries online, and post the info on this page. I love learning a new language, and the French language is closest to my heart :-)