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Please use this  French phrases menu to help make your visit to Paris as smooth as possible – simply click a button to visit the other pages where you can learn how to buy food and drinks (and speak French love phrases to your sweetie), and even buy your silk painting products in French – simply click the links or the photos below:.

A Night in  Paris - learn to speak simple FrenchLearn  French phrases for drinks - it will make your visit in Paris much more  interestingLearn  French phrases for food and you will enjoy speaking French with the  localsLearn  French love phrases to surprise your loved oneLearn  French phrases for silk painting and dyeingGo back to the Home page  and the Main Menu for quick clicks to the rest of this website

Language schools Paris : free email course

Click here to sign up for a free email course today!  I did and this is a terrific way to learn – I highly recommend it.

When you’re visiting a foreign city, it’s always a great idea to learn just a few words and phrases – trust me, the locals WILL appreciate the effort you go to, and will be very friendly and helpful  when you try.

Remember it’s not your command of the French language that’s important, it’s that you actually TRY – the locals will help you along and many may want to try out their English on you, too.

One great tip to remember is to always say hello and goodbye when entering and leaving a store.

Simple French  to learn

On the pages with audio clips, you simply click the little icon to the right of each French English translation to hear my pronunciation of the word or phrase. I hope you find these easy to learn!



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