French phrases for buying drinks

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Learn a few French phrases for buying drinks and food and you won’t go thirsty in Paris :-)

Whether you buy a drink from a sandwich stand in the street, or in a café or bar, do try to ask for it in French – once you’ve done it once you’ll realise it’s not as scary as you thought.

If you make the smallest effort, you’ll be able to speak a bit more French each day, and you’ll be so pleased with yourself.  Don’t forget to laugh at your mistakes, and ask for help – the French are  wonderfully friendly people in my experience over many years.

Simple French phrases to learn

If you click the icon to the right of each French English translation, you can hear my pronunciation of the word or phrase.

Bonjour! Hello (or Good day)
Je suis desolée, mais je ne parle pas bien francais. I’m sorry but I don’t speak French very well.
Je voudrais … I would like …
… un jus d’orange svp
… un jus de pommes  svp
… un Coca svp
… an orange juice please
… an apple juice please
… a Coca Cola please
In a trendy cafe:
Peux j’avoir …
Can I please have …
… un thé au lait svp?
… un café svp?
… un espresso svp?
… un latte svp?
… a tea with milk pplease?
… a coffee please?
… an espresso please?
… a latte please
Je voudrais une bouteille d’eau svp I’d like a bottle of water please.
Je voudrais une bouteille d’eau d’Evian svp. I’d like a bottle of Evian water please.
In a café/restaurant:
Je voudrais un pichet de vin rouge svp.
I’d like a small carafe of red wine please.
Je voudrais un verre de vin blanc svp I’d like a glass of white wine please.
Je voudrais une biere svp – oui, une Stella. I’d like a beer please – yes, a Stella Artois.
Je voudrais deux bouteilles de cabernet svp I’d like two bottles of Cabernet please.
Je voudrais une bouteille de Champagne – Verve Cliquot  svp I’d like a bottle of champagne – Veuve Cliquot please.
Je voudrais l’addition svp. I’d like the bill please.


Simple French phrases

French phrases for buying food

French phrases for buying drinks

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