French phrases

Learning a few simple French phrases will help make your visit to Paris as smooth as possible – there are are few examples below, and on my other pages you can learn how to buy food and drinks (and speak French love phrases to your sweetie) in French – simply click the links at the bottom of this page.

Language schools Paris : free email course

Click here to sign up for a free email course today!  I did and this is a terrific way to learn – I highly recommend it.

In fact, it’s not your command of the French language that’s important, it’s that you actually TRY to say anything in French which will show the locals you’re willing to make an effort.

If you learn just a few phrases you will be surprised at how helpful people will be.

One great tip to remember is to always say hello and goodbye when entering and leaving a store.

You can hear how to say this by clicking the icon in the list below.

Simple French  to learn

If you click the icon to the right of each French English translation, you can hear my pronunciation of the word or phrase.

Bonjour Hello (or Good day)
Bon apres-midi. Good afternoon.
Bonsoir. Good evening.
Au revoir Goodbye
Je m’appelle … My name is …
Comment allez-vous?
Ca va?
How are you?
How’s it going?
Je viens de … I come from … (country)
Je suis … I am … (nationality)
La Tour Eiffel est superbe! The Eiffel Tower is fabulous!
J’adore Paris. or Paris, j’adore! I love Paris.
When entering a store:
Bonjour, Messsieurs et Dames!
Note: men before women
Saying hello:
Hello/good day, ladies and gentlemen!
When leaving a store:
Au revoir, Messieurs et Dames!
Saying goodbye:
Goodbye, ladies and gents!
Un cafe, s’il vous plait. Un grand creme, s’il vous plait. Un the, s’il vous plait.  Un the au lait, s’il vous plait. A coffee, please.  A coffee with milk, please.  A tea, please. A tea with milk, please.
Je voudrais … I would like …
… un vin rouge, SVP.
… un vin blanc, SVP.
… un vodka tonique, SVP.
… une biere, SVP.
… a red wine please.
… a white wine please.
… a vodka tonic please
… a beer please.


French translator : English to French translation

If you’re looking for a French translator, you could use an online service like Babelfish (free but not 100% accurate) or you could hire an English to French translation service.  You may even be able to find a French translator in your own town


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