Indoor activities for kids in Paris

For active indoor activities for kids in Paris you have many choices – go-karts for ALL ages, roller-skating, ice skating and skateboarding, plus the beautiful indoor butterfly pavillion.

Indoor activities for kids with go-karts in Paris - great fun


Fun Kart – Paris Sud – Indoor Go Karts!

Covered racing tracks, electric go-karts for kids aged 3 to 6, plus faster ones for the more daring 7 to 14 year olds. Open daily. At 118-122 rue Leon Geffroy (94) Vitry-sur-Seine
Tel: 01 46 82 32 00

S-Kart Paris La Chapelle

Music and special lighting make the three go-kart tracks extra fun. Available for all ages. Closed Mondays. At 56-58 ave du President Wilson (93) Saint Denis

Tel: 01 49 46 93 93

Roller skating, Ice skating, Skateboarding

Indoor activities for kids include Rollerparc for skateboarding, rollerblading and ice skating in Paris

Rollerparc Avenue

Covered tracks for roller-skating, ice skating and skateboarding.

Skate rentals available.

Open daily from 11:00 during summer holidays.

Rollerparc Avenue
100 rue Leon Geffroy,
Z.I. les Ardoines (94) Vitry sur Seine

Tel: 01 47 18 19 19

Indoor Butterfly Pavillion

Serre aux Papillons (Butterfly House)

An indoor pavillion filled with many varieties of butterflies.

Situated in the Jardinerie Poullain (78).
Closed during winter.

Tel: 01 34 86 42 99 Fax: 01 34 86 24 01

Fun indoor activities for kids could include the butterfly house in Paris

I do hope you get to visit the butterfly pavillion – butterflies are so absolutely beautiful!

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