Postcards from Paris – Merry Christmas 2015!

Postcards from Paris is a newsletter about the city I love!

Today’s Postcards from Paris is full of cheer!


Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee!

Thank you for loving Paris as much as I do, for reading my words, following my travels and adventures in the City of Light and Love!


I hope you have an incredible Yuletide, Chrismas, Holiday Season and may the New Year be filled with love, laughter, adventure and success.

From my home to yours, Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

big hugs,

Teena! xxx


Looking for a list of easy things to do in Paris?

Pop over to this page for some of my ideas to help you enjoy your stay in my favourite city:


Postcards from Paris - other things to do

More things to do:

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Points of interest:






I hope you’ve enjoyed these little slices of Paris, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Waving madly across the miles!

Ciao ciao for now, a bientot!


(Back in Australia on the little island off the east coast)

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Haberdashery shops in Paris

Haberdashery shops in Paris sell mercerie (the French word for haberdashery).

You can find a wonderful selection of haberdashery in Paris, from the fabric district to the suburbs, it’s just a matter of putting aside some time to explore them :-)

75003 –

What a wonderful selection of buttons and trimmings! If you’d like to look at a gorgeous store, pop over to the Marais:


Haberdashery shops in Paris - La Mercerie Parisienne

More Haberdashery shops in Paris

Notions Store
14 Rue Monsigny
+33 1 42 96 98 30
Open until 6:00 pm

Quilt Shop
47 Rue du Caire
+33 1 42 33 42 66
Open until 7:00 pm

Entrée des Fournisseurs
Notions Store
8 Rue des Francs Bourgeois
+33 1 48 87 58 98
Open until 7:00 pm

La Croix et la Manière
Fabric Store
36 Rue Faidherbe
+33 1 43 72 99 09
Opens at 12:00 pm

Le Bon Marché
$$$ · Department Store
24 Rue de Sèvres
+33 1 44 39 80 00
Open until 8:00 pm

Anna Ka Bazaar
Fabric Store
16 Rue Keller
+33 1 84 06 19 24
Opens at 11:00 am

Postcards from Paris 20 September 2015

Postcards from Paris is a newsletter about the city I love!


It’s a beautiful day in Paris today! I’ll be heading out shortly for the wonderful Barge Cruise which I love to experience each time I’m in Paris — it takes 2.5 hours, and there is a choice of morning or afternoon, so I’ve decided on the 2:30pm Cruise to show my client another side of Paris in a leisurely, relaxed way – woohoo!

I’ve been having an amazing time with my client these past few days, she has flown half way round the world to be part of one of my Adventures, and we’ve been having the best time!

Coming to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language can feel like a very large, nervous step to take, but once you’re in Paris, you’ll find so many French people who will speak English withyou. that you’ll feel at home in no time :-)


If you use Facebook, you might like to pop over and see what I’ve been posting — photos and videos!

Check out my photos and videos on Facebook! >>

If you’re not a Facebook person, here’s a quick snapshot for you:

PostcArds from Paris Facebook photos


I’ve also been making some videos, so here is one to watch while I upload the others :-)


Here are some little articles I’ve written since I’ve arrived in Paris:

  1. LOCATIONS : Ave de la Republique, Paris
  2. COFFEE : Cafe Thank You My Deer in the 11th arrondissement
  3. FOOD : West Country Girl Crepes in Paris 75011
  4. FOOD : Le Chat Gourmand patisserie and lunch bar in 75011 Paris
  5. COMFORT : An easy way to find public toilets in Paris
  6. ART : Art Exhibitions in Paris in Autumn 2015

Postcards from Paris - other things to do

Questions about Paris for September 2015

“Teena, what’s the weather been like?”

Great question! I usually visit in summer so I wasn’t sure  how quickly it would turn to autumn, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised:

  • I have not worn a coat
  • I have worn scarves every day, and if I get too warm in a store or cafe, I simply remove the scarf
  • I have mostly worn one long-sleeve item each day, and I haven’t needed multiple layers of long sleeves … yet!
  • I have worn either short-sleeved or sleeveless tops under my long-sleeved top
  • temperatures have been around 18-20degC during the day
  • I have used my umbrella a few times, and it’s a very small fold-up one so it stays in a plastic bag inside my handbag;  so if it’s wet, and I go into a cafe etc, I can put it in the plastic bag and NOT leave it behind when I leave :-)

“Teena, what’s different since the last time you were there?”

  • There’s a tram! It’s been here about two years and works around the outskirts (the “peripherique”/periphery) of Paris.
  • So many people want to speak English! Waiters, staff in stores, EVERYwhere! No more excuses about French people not speaking English, dust off your passport and suitcase and come on over :-)
  • In the past two weeks I have met so many kind, helpful, wonderful French people that it’s almost overwhelming! From taxi drivers (Bonjour Bernard!), to waiters and waitresses, sales people in stores of all kinds (Bonjour Ariella, Silvina, Marion, Warda!) , people on the street who answer my questions, a gorgeous woman I met at a bus stop when the buses were running hours late (because of a “manifestation” / public strike) who had a drink with me and my client while we all waited in a local cafe (BONJOUR CHRISTINE!)
  • There will be lots more things to add to this list, but that’ll do for a Sunday morning when I haven’t had coffee yet!


Here is one of my favourite travel videos to keep you smiling :-)

A fantastic in-flight one from Virgin:

I’m heading to the Barge Cruise very soon, so I’ll say AU REVOIR and CHEERIO for now :-)


ciao ciao for now,


Intrepid Traveller visiting Paris from Australia!

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Art Exhibitions in Paris in Autumn 2015

Which Art Exhibitions in Paris?

Art Exhibitions in Paris in Autumn Automne 2015

There is always a huge choice of exhibitions in Paris, so here are a few to keep you busy.

  1. 7 october 2015 to 29 february 2016 – Picassomania at the Grand Palais –
  2. 30 september 2015 to 15 february 2016 – Wifredo Lam at the Pompidou Centre –
  3. 8 september 2015 to 31 janvier 2016 – Osiris, mystery of Egypte at the Institut du monde arabe –

I’m still researching, so will add more Art Exhibitions in Paris as I locate them :-)

An easy way to find public toilets in Paris

I met a couple on the flight to Paris the other day, and the husband told me the one thing which bugged him about visiting Paris was “not being able to find toilets”.

An easy way to find public toilets in Paris

I gave him a few tips — and thought I’d share them with you too :-)

How to find public toilets in Paris

Here are the easiest ways:

  • find a McDonalds, go in and try the door – if it needs a code, ask for one
  • find a Starbucks, go in and try the door – if it needs a code, ask for one
  • look out for any number of public toilets to be found in the streets and parks of Paris, you may need coins to open the door
  • go into any cafe, bistro, brasserie and look for a toilet, or a set of stairs going down with a sign anywhere saying “Toilette”;  if you can’t find one, ask to use the toilet in you most polite way — you may be asked to buy a drink, and say, “Of course — bien sur!
  • if you still can’t find one, go into any shop and ask, “Ou se trouve les toilettes, s’il vous plait?” which means, “Where can I find the toilets, please?”

Lots of cafe and restaurant toilets do not have seats – do NOT freak out

I know, I know — this sounds awful — but really, let me explain.

public toilets in Paris may not have seats


There are millions of tourists in Paris every week, and they all need to find toilets.

We expect the toilets to be kept clean, and that requires a LOT of work on the part of the locals.

By using well-designed toilets which do NOT need seats, and are very comfortable, the need to keep cleaning smelly toilet seas has been removed.

You can easily wipe the toilet before you sit down, and please — understand this is NORMAL in Paris, so don’t be snotty or mean about it, just get used to it, OK? Great :-)

To all you folks from America and other places which don’t normally use the word “toilet” and instead use the word “bathroom”, you’ll need to start saying “toilette”.

If you ask for a “bathroom”, the French person may think you want to go home with them — and will understandably be a little wary of agreeing to this without actually knowing you :-)

Le Chat Gourmand patisserie and lunch bar in 75011 Paris

Today I popped into a little patisserie/lunch bar in Rue Saint Maur in the 11th arrondissement, which is owned by chef Alain (who loves cats, hence the name “The Greedy Cat” / Le Chat Gourmand).

Le Chat Gourmand patisserie and lunch bar in 75011 Paris

Everything is made fresh by Alain, from baguette sandwiches with delicious fillings, to home-made quiches, fresh salads (carrottes rapées = shredded carrot, epinards – spinach, etc), tasty pasta and much more).

If you’d like your quiche etc heated, not a problem.

The menu is a “Formule” (a “set menu”):

  • 1 x dish, 1 x salad, 1 x dessert or drink = 9,00 €


The prices are very reasonable, the food is fresh and delicious — eat in, or take away — yum!

If you’re in the 11th on or near Rue Saint Maur, do pop in and say Teena sent you :-)

Alain is a charming guy with a great personality, singing along to great songs on the radio, dancing a bit when and if required, always welcomes you with a big smile and a friendly “Hello!” :-)

PS — ask for a Carte de Fidélité (a Loyalty Card) – after 10 purchases you get ONE MEAL FREE!

Cafe/Restaurant: Le Chat Gourmand (The Greedy Cat)

63 Rue Saint Maur, 75011 Paris, France

Tel:  01 48 06 18 94

Metro: Rue Saint-Maur / Saint-Ambroise

For other cafe/restaurant reviews, pop over here >>

Le Chat Gourmand lunch bar in the 11th arrondissement

West Country Girl Crepes in Paris 75011

West Country Girl Crepes in Paris 75011

West Country Girl creperie is a local restaurant in Paris

There are so many great eateries in the 11th arrondissement, and I decided to try out this one for  dinner.

In a little side street called Passage Saint-Ambroise, this is the only foodie place in the entire street, making it easy to find. The menu is small, but boasts all quality local ingredients, and it looked very warm and inviting.

If you’re nervous about speaking French, don’t be — the servers also speak English :-)

I ordered a mixed salad (which generally means a green salad of lettuces and a dressing) for €3.

For a main course, I decided to try the Champignon, Chevre et ciboulette crepe, which is a Mushroom, creamy Goat’s cheese and chives for around €8.

Normally crepes are served with cider, but this little resto has all kinds of alcohol available. I went with a traditional cider for €3 a glass, which was delicious — the choices were a sweet cider or a very, very dry one. After tasting the dry one, I opted for the more regular sweeter one – t turned out to be an excellent choice.

West Country Girl crepes and cider in 75011

Everything was tasty, and perfect for a very light meal; you may need a few more crepes to fill you up for dinner :-)

Ambiance was great, lots of laughter from the guests, great music, terrific vibe. If you’re in the area, it’s worth a visit.

Cafe/Restaurant: West Country Girl

6 Passage Saint-Ambroise, 75011 Paris, France

Metro: Rue Saint-Maur / Saint-Ambroise

For other cafe/restaurant reviews, pop over here >>

Cafe Thank You My Deer in the 11th arrondissement

Cafe Thank You My Deer is a real find, located in the 11th arrondissement 75011 of Paris

Today I was walking along Rue Saint-Maur and almost walked past this little café, but the blackboard sign outside made me want to go in :-)

The girls here are from Slovakia, Italy and Mexico, and offer gluten-free delights as treats or lunch (closed for dinner).

After chatting with the Barista to see how they make their coffees, I ordered a double-shot latte and was really, truly pleasantly surprised! Made with arabica beans, real fresh milk (not long-life milk like the average French cafe) and tasted great! Woohoo!

Do drop by and have a look if you’re in the area — their menu is fresh and sounds delicious.


Located at: 112 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris

Open:  8:00am to 6:00pm

Update: 9 Sept 2015

I popped back to this café this morning for “P’tit Dej” (Petite Dejeuner = breakfast), where there’s a variety of gluten-free muffins and and cakes, home made granola, and eggs – yum!

Ave de la Republique, Paris

Ave de la Republique

The Ave de la Republique is busy and full of character!

I arrived in Paris last night and went for a walk this morning, to get my bearings.

Restaurants, cafes, creperies, shops of all descriptions — and a reminder to me that not all shops open at 9:00am!

Restaurants may open at 12:00 noon, whereas sandwich shops may be open by 10:00am.

Clothing stores might open at 11:00, and I saw shoe stores open at 9:30am.

So it depends on the store, but generally assume 10:00 for a lot of places, some cafes at 7:00 and others at any other time after that.

Prefer to see the photos on Facebook? Pop over here >>

Postcards from Paris September 2015

Postcards from Paris is a newsletter about the city I love!


Today I have been printing off my e-ticket to fly from Brisbane to Paris via Dubai, airport bus pick-up vouchers at both ends of the journey, access info for my rented apartment, sticky labels for the postcards and cards I’ll send to friends from gay Paree —

Follow my photos and videos on Facebook >>


Got some spare time while you’re in Paris? Join one of my Adventures – it’ll be a lot of fun!

Only got time for a coffee or a cocktail? Get in touch and see what we can work out :-)


Postcards from Paris - other things to do

 Q & A • Question about Paris September 2015

A question from Sylvia:

“Hi Teena, how long will it take for you to get to Paris this year?”

Excellent question, Sylvia! This year I decided to pay a bit more for my airline tickets in order to reduce the waiting time inbetween flights, and I’m so pleased!

In the past I’ve had layovers in Guangzhou (pronounced “Gwang-joe”, China), Abu Dhabi, Singapore and this time the layover will be in Dubai.

Some of those layovers have been horrendous, time-wise, facilities, and many other factors.  In Abu Dhabi one year there were hundreds of us transit passengers who had to sit on the floor of the airport, in corridors, because the management refused to open the Translit Lounge until the flight was ready for boarding. Was it five hours, six or even seven? More? Thank heavens I’ve blocked the details from my brain, but take it from me — sitting on a floor for all those hours with so many rules and regulations about what we weren’t allowed to do, did NOT make for a fun time. Nerves were frayed, everyone was exhausted, we felt like cattle. Not a happy time.

Jumping forward to NOW, I am thrilled to say I will only have a 2 hour layover in Dubai, making the whole journey so much easier!

Here’s how it’ll work for me tonight:

  • catch a ferry to the mainland
  • airport bus pickup about 10pm, drive for about an hour to the airport
  • three and a half hours waiting for the flight to depart at 2:30am
  • fly to Dubai — 16.25 hours in the air
  • then a two hour layover
  • fly Dubai to Paris for 7.15 hours
  • 45 minute wait for scheduled airport bus pick-up
  • about an hour to drive in Paris
  • total travelling time approximately 32 hours all up.

And THAT’S why I stay for 4 weeks — if it was only 10-15 hours away, I’d be flying to Paris ALL the time :-)


Artists' Open Doors in Paris 2008 -- Paris September 2015

What’s on when I’m in Paris in September 2015?

What am I looking forward to in September?

One of the very first things I love to do after arriving in Paris — generally AFTER I’ve had my first croissant :-) — is to take a barge cruise on the outskirts of the River Seine, to reacquaint myself with the outer suburbs and the fascinating history (as told by the Barge storyteller). For two and a half hours I soak up the Parisian atmosphere without having to plan anything — I wave to the folks on the banks and on the little bridges which go across the river in its narrower parts. When the barge navigates down the locks of different heights, it’s a great way to be reminded about nature. We then slowly venture UNDER Paris, and when we get to the bit under the Bastille monument (in the 4th arrondissement), I heave a sigh of ‘history’, remembering what happened here (storming of the Bastille).

I’m also remembering the wonderful years I spent living just a few steps from this majestic Paris icon. OK – that’s enough waxing lyrical :-)

Here’s a bit more about it, with some of my photos:

I’m also looking forward to checking out the wonderful artists and their artwork at PORTES OUVERTES:

  • 25-26-27-28 September 2015

Brushing up on a few of my tips about Paris


Here’s a little video I made when I was in PARIS in 2012:

  • jump to 2 mins 29 seconds for a walking tour with me:

I’ll be making more videos this trip too — so stay tuned!


I’m heading to the airport in a few hours, so I’ll start waving to you now :-)

The next update will be from gay Paree! Woohoo!

Maybe I’ll see you there — that would be so fabulous :-)

ciao ciao for now,


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Paris Transport Changes September 1st 2015

At the beginning of September 2015,  a major overhaul of the Paris transport pass [Le Pass Navigo] will affect most locals and tourists — and change is good.

Paris Transport Changes come into force September 2015

What are the Paris transport changes?

The Navigo transport pass:

Le Pass Navigo will now be one unique price for the entire five zones in Ile-de-France region, making it so easy for everyone.

The price for a Navigo pass covering all of these zones will be set at €70 a month or €770 a year, meaning all commuters in and around the capital will pay the same price.

The idea is to make it easier and cheaper for those living in areas outside Paris, with the hope they will leave their cars behind and jump on a train instead. An added bonus is that it could creating a more regional identity, rather than the ‘us and them’ division between Paris and the suburbs as which currently exists.

Someone travelling to Paris from Orly will pay the same as someone who only travels through the centre of Paris from the Eiffel Tower to the Pere Lachaise.

Wondering what else is happening in September? Pop over here to find out more >>

Visit the French public transport website for more info (in English – or click the British flag icon) >>

Silk Exhibitions Paris Exposition Soie

Silk Exhibitions in Paris -- translates to Exposition Soie
Silk Exhibitions are happening in Paris throughout the year, and in French, they are called an “Exposition Soie” (translates to “Silk Exhibition).

2015 August / September Silk Exhibitions

Du samedi 22 août au dimanche 6 septembre 2015 :

L’Association “D’ART et de SOIE” présente “Evasion colorée dans les fibres textiles”. Exposition de peintures sur soie et œuvres textiles en hommage à Monsieur Jean-Jacques BOUCHER.

“Vieille Halle de Bracieux – Espace Nicole Lagravère” 41250 BRACIEUX.

Au programme: Des démonstrations gratuites pour grands et petits, des stages différents avec Annie Poignavent, Marie-Marthe Dufaud et Lydie Ottelart.

Pour toute information complémentaire: 01 42 54 33 33 –


From Saturday 22 August to Sunday 6th September 2015:

The “ART & SILK” Association  presents “Evasion in colorful textile fibers”, an Exhibition of paintings on silk and textile works in homage to Jean-Jacques BOUCHER.


“Vieille Halle Bracieux – Space Nicole Lagravère”

41250 BRACIEUX, outside Paris.

Program: A free demonstrations for children and adults, different courses with Annie Poignavent, Marie-Marthe and Lydie Ottelart Dufaud.

For further information: Phone 01 42 54 33 33 – or email:


The video below from the Cernuschi Museum is for an amazing exhibition which ended in January 2015, and encompassed painting on silk and paper.

Video length: 4:26 seconds

Le Japon au fil des saisons | Musée Cernuschi by paris_musees

Read more about silk exhibitions here:  LE JAPON AU FIL DE SAISON >>


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