Thierry Mugler Exhbition in Paris

Thierry Mugler Exhbition in Paris

Musee de Mode et Textile  |  Fashion & Fabric Musuem

Thierry Mugler Exhibition in Paris, France
Thierry Mugler, défilé prêt-à-porter, automne-hiver 1984-85
Thierry Muble, Ready-to-Wear, Autumn-Winter 1984-85
© Guy Marineau

du 1er avril au 10 octobre 2010  |  1st April 2010 to 10th October

Histoire idéale de la mode contemporaine vol. I : 70-80

History of Contemporary Fashion Volume 1


Les Arts Décoratifs proposent la première exposition sur l’histoire de la mode contemporaine en deux volets. D’abord objet d’un livre publié à l’automne dernier, « Histoire idéale de la mode contemporaine » prend une nouvelle dimension à travers deux expositions consécutives. Aux décennies 70 et 80 suivront, dans un deuxième temps, les années 90-2000 comme deux volumes d’une rétrospective historique et sélective de la mode…

The Decorative Arts Museum present the first expo on the history of contemporary fashion in two .

Pour en savoir plus | To read more about the Thierry Mugler exhbition, click here

Great Turkish food in Paris

Great Turkish food in Paris

Looking for Turkish lamb in Paris?

Yeliz Turkish Restaurant

This small fast-food Turkish restaurant not far from Sacre Coeur is cheap and good. Friends have told me you pay only 6 euros for delicious lamb and couscous.

Yes this Turkish restaurant has a fast-food front, but once you step inside, it is actually a restaurant. My friends said to check out the comfortable seating in the back. A bonus is that the staff are very friendly and kind.

Not quite famous French food couscous is a delicious meal, tasty  and hearty, and very filling.

Yeliz Turkish Food
41, rue de Clignancourt
75018 Paris

Metro: Barbes Rochechouart and Chateau Rouge
Metro: Anvers


360 degree view of Paris

Amazing 360degree view of Paris taken with 2,346 photos!

I just came across this site and it’s amazing! A 360 degree view of Paris turned into a panoramic view on a website. You really must check it out!

Click on the Navigation panel in the bottom left to show/hide navigation tools. When they are visible, simply click the + or – keys to zoom in and out, and the arrow keys to move around — fabulous!



. .

You can visit the website

15 Ways to say Coffee in Paris

Paris coffee : Paris cafesWant to know how to pronounce ‘coffee’ in French?

I’ve just created a little video so you can listen to me pronouncing the different ways to ask for coffee in Paris.

From strong shots of espresso to bowls of milky coffee goodness at breakfast time, there’s something here for everyone.

And there are even tips from my readers!

Pop over to the Paris Coffee and Cafés page to get started …

Family Vacations in Paris

Family Vacations in Paris

Planning family Vacations in Paris? There is sooo much to do with your kids in Paris!
Category: Things To Do
Posted by: Teena

The journey TO Paris can be just as much fun as the time you spend in Paris with your kids – if you plan ahead.

Check out the article I’ve written about Family Vacations in Paris – with lots of great links for accomodation, things to do and see, and planning your kids’ travel journals before you leave home.

Family Vacations in Paris >>

Maybe some of these tips and links will help you plan your holiday trips.

Enjoy your time in Paris!!

Read the list of fun activities for kids to do in Paris and outskirts

Is it easy to buy food near my accommodation?

Is it easy to buy food near my accommodation?

Have you asked this question when you book your accommodation?

A friend of mine’s on holidays in Australia at the moment, and visiting one of our beautiful mountain areas. Something she said made me think about writing this, and it may not happen to folks staying in the heart of Paris, but it’s certainly worth considering whenever you travel.

My friend needed to get a taxi to her accommodation as there was no public transport, and it wasn’t until the first evening that she realised there was no-where within walking distance where she could have dinner.

The thought of paying for a taxi both ways to the nearest café or restaurant didn’t make financial sense, so instead she needed to buy snacks while out on tours, and make those do for dinner.

Is it easy to buy food near my accommodation in Paris?

Within Paris you’re never more than a block away from food no matter which arrondissement you’re in, but outside Paris and perhaps in some parts of France, there may be locations just like this where you need to know in advance what the food arrangements are.

When you’re making your reservations for your accommodation, check the website about the availability of cafés and restaurants close by, and if you can’t find this information, send off an email to make sure before you go.

It’s a simple little thing to find out, and may be the thing which tips the balance as to which place to stay at.

Have a great trip, wherever you’re off to, whatever time of year!

Teena :-)

Arc de Triomphe, Paris

The Arc de Triomphe (translated as the Arch of Triumph) was constructed in 1809 under orders from Bonaparte, as a monument to the Republican armies.

50m high, 45m wide, and completed in 1836, the Arc is decorated with a frieze of battle scenes and sculptures.

Each year you can join the annual Bastille Day (14th July – Quatorze Juillet) military parade from the Arc de Triomphe and be part of the festivities, the remembrances, the national spirit. It’s always a moving day, so if you’re in Paris in mid July, definitely visit the Arc de Triomphe.

Location: place Charles-de-Gaulle, 75008 Paris

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Paris Toy Expo 10 Dec to 9 May 2010

If you’re in Paris  between December 09 and May next year and you’ve got kids with you, try to visit the Toy Expo held in the Gallery of Toys at the Museum Les Arts Decoratifs. Your kids will love the Playmobil exhibition, “Once upon a time” (Il etait une fois) with small figurines in different scenes.

Galerie des jouets
JPEG - 341.2 ko
Photo de famille pour l’exposition « Il était une fois Playmobil », 2009
© Photo Les Arts Décoratifs / Jean Tholance


du 10 décembre 2009 au 9 mai 2010

Il était une fois Playmobil

« Il était une fois Playmobil » retrace à travers quatre grands univers l’aventure de la célèbre figurine devenue en quelques décennies l’un des jouets les plus répandus en France. Depuis sa création, ce petit personnage a évolué en s’adaptant à la vie contemporaine tout en respectant les vies dans lesquelles se projettent les enfants.


Les Arts Décoratifs
107, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

tél. : +33 (0)1 44 55 57 50




Wine bistro Les Papilles

Wine bistro Les Papilles

Wine bar bistro Les Papilles is in Paris 75005

I’ve just read about a marvellous wine bistro in Paris called Les Papilles, in the 5th arrondissement.

The owner, Bertrand Bluy, was originally a chef patissier in some of France’s top kitchens, and in 2003 opened his own place. He wanted to create the kind of bistro that he’d like to hang out in with his rugby friends.

By all accounts it sounds like he’s done exactly that, and is succeeding very well.

This is a bistro combined with a retail wine store where you can buy a bottle of wine at the takeaway price, and for a small additional fee you can consume it on the premises. The kitchen provides yummy robust meals, at very reasonable prices. I’ll definitely be checking out this place when I’m in Paris next!

PS – Les Papilles means ‘tastebuds’ in French :-) appropriately. On the front window are the words:

  • epicerie fin =delicatessen
  • cave a vins =wine cellar
  • vins de vignerons = wine growers

From the website:  Located in the heart of a famous Parisian area near the Luxembourg garden and the famous Pantheon, our Bistroy… Les Papilles serving gourmet French terroir cuisine in the cosy atmosphere of a wine cellar and a fine old-style grocery, has an enviable reputation for thrilling your taste buds”

How to find Les Papilles

30, rue Gay-Lussac
75005 Paris
Tel. 01 43 25 20 79
Open: Monday-Saturday,10:30 a.m.-midnight. Lunch: noon-2pm; Dinner: 7:30pm-10pm Closed Sunday.
English Website:

Credit Cards: Yes
Prices: Moderate



Where can I complain about Velib in Paris?

Where can I complain about Velib in Paris?

 “Where can I complain about Velib in Paris?” Michael of Ireland asks

I recently got over charge for using the bikes around paris.

I used it for 1 and half hours and got charged €8 euro and then €4 for my partner.

Do you have an email to make a complaint please.


of Ireland



Where can I complain about Velib in Paris? asks Michael (image)Hi there Michael,

Thanks for visiting my website!

I just went to the velib website and clicked the CONTACT link.

I found the following information and have translated it into English for you – I hope this helps.

Good luck,




How to contact Vélib in Paris

Their website in English is here:

Their facebook page is :

Their twitter is :

Their phone :  01 30 79 79 30

Their blog in English :

Have you also tried creating an Account on their website, and contacting them that way?

In French:

In English:

Afin de pouvoir répondre à l’ensemble de vos demandes, nous mettons à votre disposition différents moyens pour nous joindre.Vous pouvez nous contacter : To meet all your demands, we offer you different ways to contact us.You can contact us:
  • Via le centre d’appel AlloVélib’ au 01 30 79 79 30 (prix d’un appel local)
  • Du lundi au vendredi de 8h à 22h
  • Le samedi de 9h à 22h
  • Le dimanche de 9h à 19 h

Par courrier : Vélib’ – TSA 90003- 78378 Plaisir cedex


  • Via call center AlloVélib to 01 30 79 79 30 (cost of a local call)
  • Monday to Friday from 8h to 22h
  • Saturday from 9h to 22h
  • Sunday 9 am to 19 pm

By Mail: Vélib – TSA 90,003 to 78,378 Plaisir cedex


Pour des problèmes particuliers, vous pouvez nous transmettre votre demande via un formulaire dédié.

Retrouvez les 4 formulaires dédiés dans la rubrique « un problème ?

Pour les questions les plus courantes, vous pouvez vous référer à la rubrique « FAQ »

For specific problems, you can send us your request via a dedicated form.Find the 4 forms dedicated in “a problem? » “

For common questions, please refer to the “FAQ”

TIP FROM TEENA: If the forms don’t suit your question, don’t worry – just pick one and fill it in.



 If you’ve had a problem with a Velib in Paris

Just like in any other city, things can go wrong when you rent or hire a Velib in Paris. Take photos of the Machine, the bike, the lock – everything – in case you need to present them to make your case. If you have a problem with overcharging, contact them immediately. Whatever you do, don’t just be angry – be calm and provide exactly what they’re asking for, and it should all get sorted to everyone’s satisfaction. Best of luck! Teena

Getting Around : other Paris transport system options


Where to find the best Chai Tea in Paris

Where to find the best Chai Tea in Paris

Where to find chai tea in Paris? Here is a list to start with

A few website visitors have asked where to find the best Chai Tea in Paris, and I didn’t know … so I did some research and found a few places for you to start with. I’d love to know if you’ve visited any of these places. Do post a message by clicking the Add A Comment link below :-)


“Chai tea was milky and fragrant with a bite of cinnamon, black peppercorns, cardamom and other spices I couldn’t name.”

Krishna Bhavan
24 rue Cail, 10ème – 75010 Paris
Métro: Gare du Nord
Tel: 01 42 05 78 43
Open 7 days a week


Iced chai tea lattes

Can be found in Starbucks in Paris.


Chai vanilla tea

Le Bon Marché
22 rue de Sèvres
75007 Paris France
Website : Le Bon Marché – Rive Gauche
Opening hours : Mon-Sat 9.30am-7pm, Sat -8pm
Tel: +33-1-4439 8000
Metro: Sèvres-Babylone



Kashmir Tchai

Loose leaf tea & muslin teabags @ Kusmi Tea
Kashmir chai (black tea with Indian spices)

Buy online or visit these storest:
Kusmi Tea
56 rue de seine
Paris, Paris 75006

BHV – Corner Kusmi Tea
36 rue de la verrerie – 3° étage
Paris, Paris 75004

Kusmi Tea
75 avenue Niel
Paris, Paris 75017

La Grande Epicerie
38 Rue de Sèvres
Paris, Paris 75007



9 Types of Coffee to Order in Paris

9 Types of Coffee to Order in Paris

How do I order coffee in Paris?

When you’re in Paris, it’s easy to get a bit confused about ordering coffess in cafés. I hope this description might help somewhat :-)

How do I order coffee in Paris? Read my tips How do I order coffee in Paris? Read my tips

For all you coffee lovers who love to savour your Italian Arabica-style coffee beans, stop right here – you won’t get coffee like that in the majority of French cafés. Before you start to despair, I have found a couple of places in Paris where you can buy your Italian-style espressos and lattes (links below). The normal coffee sold in Paris is not made from Arabica beans, but is made from Chicory – a very different flavour.

These descriptions listed below are what the French people ask for in a café.

Two prices, same coffee … why?

You may notice people standing at the bar in cafés – they will pay a cheaper price than the people sitting down at tables, who require table service, so if you’re in a hurry you can save yourself some money by drinking at the bar or counter.

Normal sized cups

  • Un Café : a normal sized cup of Chicory coffee.
  • Un Café au lait : if served at breakfast time, this can arrive in bowl (un bol) – don’t be alarmed, this is quite normal. May also be served in a normal sized cup of coffee with a jar/small pot of milk.

Small cups

  • Un Express : an espresso in a small cup.
  • Une Noisette : a small espresso coffee with a dash of milk/cream in it (a macchiato).
  • Une Crème : an espresso half-filled with warmed milk (small café au lait).
  • Un Allongé : an espresso coffee with double the amount of hot water (weak black coffee).
  • Un Serré : an espresso coffee with half the usual amount of hot water (strong black coffee).
  • Un Déca : a decaf coffee.
  • Un Américain : filter coffee (might not be available in some of the non-touristy areas).

How do I order coffee in Paris? Read my tips

I took this photo of the Cafe Americain – one place you can certainly get American-style filtered coffee.

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