Adventures in Paris with Teena Hughes - Plus Size Fashion, Silk Painting, Over 40sHi, I’d like to tell you about the Adventures in Paris with Teena Hughes. First of all, that’s me and I love Paris!

I’m a Francophile – I’ve lived in Paris several times since 1980 and I adore this City of Love and Light!

I want to share my love of Paris with other people, and at first I just shared my favourite places with friends.

Now I share what I know with everyone who joins my Adventures – I get to meet fabulous people who want to see Paris through the eyes of a local, rather than a tourist compelled to see way too many tourist attractions :-)

The Adventures in Paris with Teena Hughes are:

  1. 5 Day Silk Painting Textile Retreat
  2. One Day Silk Painting –
  3. 5 Day Plus Size Shopping Adventure –
  4. One Day Plus Size Shopping Tour –
  5. 4 Day Over 40’s Lazy Adventure  –
  6. Over 40’s Lazy One Day in Paris – 
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Prices for Adventures in Paris with Teena Hughes

All One Day Adventures include Welcome tea/coffee in a café (if there are other inclusion, you’ll see them in the details).

All other Adventures have different prices and inclusions are shown with each package.

1. Silk Painting Adventure in Paris

Join Teena Hughes in Paris for the Plus Size Fashion Adventure

I’m a silk artist/textile designer and learnt to paint on silk in Paris in the early 1980s.

If you join this Adventure, you will spend one week with me – each morning you’ll be learning silk painting, and in the afternoons we’ll be visiting textile stores, museums, galleries and exploring Paris.

Read more about the One Week Silk Painting Adventure Textile Retreat  in Paris >>

Read more about the One Day Silk Painting >>

Read more about the One Day Textile Taster >> (no painting, lots of fabric stores!)

2. Plus Size Fashion Adventure in Paris

I’ve been designing and creating handpainted silk wearable art for many years, and I have gorgeous plus size fashions. On this advenute you’ll spend one week with me – our mornings will be spent visitng fabulous plus size clothing stores to suit all budgets. Afternoons can be spent exploring Paris, visiting cafés, restaurants and bars, and enjoying other shopping adventures.

Read more on my fashion website – >>

3. Over 40’s Lazy Adventure in Paris

This Adventure is new – it’s something I came up with after website enquiries from people who didn’t want to paint on silk or visit plus size stores.

Here’s the scenario:  You want to visit Paris but you don’t feel like buzzing from tourist attraction to tourist attraction, constantly travelling on public transport, getting sore feet with all the constant walking.

You’d really prefer to take it easy, perhaps along these lines:

  • have late breakfasts
  • do a bit of shopping
  • have morning and afternoon teas in cute French tea salons
  • see a movie
  • take a barge cruise under and around Paris for a couple of hours
  • drop into a pub we’re walking past
  • and then have a lovely dinner with lots of laughter and getting to know the other people sharing the same adventure.

Sound like you? Read the rest of the Lazy Paris info >>

Couples welcome.

Don’t have a week to spare? Spend one lazy day with me in Paris >>

What’s included in ALL the Adventures (except One Day Adventures)?

  1. airport pickup and drop-off in Paris
  2. accommodation (if more than one day) in a Paris hotel
  3. breakfasts (as specified for each Adventure)
  4. Sunday’s Welcome Dinner & Saturday’s Farewell Dinner
  5. metro/bus tickets for getting to/from our destinations
  6. entry to museums etc for each type of Adventure
  7. exploring the hidden Paris.

More detailed information is available.

What’s not included?

Your expenses in getting to Paris.

Meals and drinks not mentioned above. All expenses not included above.

Would you like more info?

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