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by Monika

Above: Airport transfer made easy by minivan

Above: Airport transfer made easy by minivan

Hey, I’m going to Paris for the first time in a few weeks with my mum and I’m rather confused.

I read that you can just get a shuttle bus or that there’s transfers normally waiting outside however I’ve now also read you need to book in advance.

The hotel I’m staying at is a few minutes walk from Montmartre, what would you say is the best way to get to a hotel?

I’m worried as I don’t want to arrive at the hotel too late (We are arriving at 9pm) and I odn’t want to miss the plane back!

Love the website, it’s been a great help.


Response to “Travel to and from airport. in Paris”

Hi Monika! How exciting! You’ll have a fabulous time, I’m sure.

I just got back from Paris, and I booked my airport transfers through my website, so I can guarantee they work :-) Here’s the link I used:

Paris Shuttle from Charles de Gaulle airport >>

You’re right – there are different ways of getting transport from the airport to parts of Paris. I personally like to book an airport transfer which is like a minivan carrying approx 6 people.

The airport transfer/shuttle service I use will collect people at the airport right up to 12 midnight:

“Your flight must arrive between 5:00am to 12:00am (Midnight).”

For peace of mind, I book the airport transfer in advance – even a day or two – then print the receipt and instructions. As soon as you disembark, you call the toll-free number and let them know you’ve landed, and they’ll come collect you.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions.



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