Silk Painting France Translations

Teena's handpainted silk devoré velvet with Dupont & AlterEgo dyes
Above: Teena’s handpainted silk devoré velvet with Dupont and AlterEgo dyes
Silk painting France translations will help you when visiting websites in French, or French silk painting supply stores or when attending a silk painting class which might have French labels on items – or involves French words.  Let me help you understand the basic translation of terms.  Get started by listening to this message from me – Teena, simply click the triangle/arrow:


Silk Painting France - translate French to English to paint on silkAbove: These are some of  the things I use to paint on silk.

How to paint on silk – translations from French to English, English to French:

English French
painting on silk, silk painting
painting on silk and wool
peinture sur soie
peinture sur soie et laine
the colours / colors
some colours / colors
les couleurs
des couleurs
Silk Painting France paintbrushes / pinceaux paintbrush
paintbrush for stencils
fan paintbrush
foam brush
sponge (for painting)
pinceaux stencils
pinceaux eventail
pinceaux mousse
fabric, textile, material tissus
silk soie
Silk Painting France : painting on silk scarf - foulard - escharpe en soie scarf, scarves
square scarf
foulard, foulards, echarpe
foulard carré
Silk Painting France - painting on silk, tie, cravatte tie cravatte
Silk Painting France - paint on silk, cushion cover cushion cover enveloppe de coussin
Silk Painting France - stovetop steamer - etuve horizontale steam seting, steaming
steam fix in steamer (to set dye)
horizontal steamer
iron-set, fix colour with an iron
le fixage
fixable en étuve
etuve horizontale
water-based gutta, in a tube
solvent-based gutta
gutta bottle (squeeze bottle)
nib for gutta bottle
serti eau, serti eau tube
serti Essence F
plume pour pipette
textile pen, texta pen feutre
stop-flow, anti-spread antifusant
Essence F
dilutant diluant
hand cleaner, soap savon pour les mains
Chinese ink encre de chine
Silk Painting France - silk stretched on a wooden frame - peinture sur soie frame
wooden frame
frame with sharp needles attached
cadre en bois
cadre picots
thumbtacks pushpins
hand-rolled hem on silk
hand-rolled hem by the metre
le bourdonnage
le bourdonnage metre lineaire
silk books
by Lydie Otellart – “Peinture sur Soie un Art, des Techniques”, “Guide de la Peinture/soie”
livres de peindre sur soie
Silk Painting France - silk stretched on a wooden frame - peinture sur soie
Above: Silk is stretched tightly on a woode frame and held securely in place with thumbtacks which are easy to remove.

Painting on silk using the wax Batik method

English French
hot wax heater
chauffe cire
djanting djanting
cracking wax cire a craqueler
cold wax cire froide

If you’d like to learn to paint on silk, I teach classes in Paris and Sydney, and would love to show you this wonderul ancient art of textile painting and design.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

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