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Paris internet tips - internet cafes in Paris - WIFI

Paris internet tips - internet cafes in Paris - WIFIWhether you’re using internet cafes in Paris,or using your hotel’s internet service, there are a few tips which might help you.

When’s that internet cafe open?

Recently I was staying in a little 2 star hotel in Paris which had no internet facilities, but they did kindly point me down the road to an internet cafe.  Only problem was they didn’t open until 10:00am which is pretty late for travellers, I thought.  Once I was up and dressed in the morning, I wanted to check emails to see if I could meet up with friends etc that day. So – before you head off, check with the front desk person for an internet cafe open early enough or late enough to suit you.  I ended up making a list of internet cafes in Paris to make it much easier.

A hotel in Paris with internet

The majority of hotels now offer a web kiosk or computer where you can check emails etc during your stay in Paris.  Ask the Concierge or the front desk staff when you chek-in, to find out the details  – hours of use, cost if any, and whether the keyboard is in French or English. Follow my tips on how to change the keyboard to English, and if you have any difficulties, consult the Concierge or person at the front desk.

Paris internet tips - hotel in Paris with internet

Travelling with a laptop to Paris

If you’re bringing your laptop to Paris, you will need to also bring voltage converters and adaptors if required.  Check with the manufacturer before you travel.  You should also have  your foreign access numbers for your ISP at home – remember to call them and find out exactly what you’ll need BEFORE you get on the plane.

Wireless Internet access [WIFI] is increasingly popular in Paris, particularly in hotels and cafés – mostly for free but you may have to pay.

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