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Looking for language schools in Paris?

So you want to learn French in Paris – what a great idea!

“Language schools Paris style? Who needs them?” or so I thought.

When I first followed my heart and moved to Paris, all I could remember from my schoolgirl French [at age 13] was, “Bonjour, je m’appelle Teena. Le ciel est blue!”

Oh sure, that SOUNDS great, but there are only so many situations where I can introduce myself and then provide the only other sentence I know – “The sky is bleu!”.

Suffice to say that I realised quick-smart that I had to learn some French or never leave the apartment.  As I’m a friendly outgoing type, I knew what I must do.  I asked my new English-speaking acquaintances and enrolled at a French school which provided classes every morning for four weeks.

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I did and this is a terrific way to learn – I highly recommend it.

On my first day I soon realised that speaking English wasn’t an option – yikes! –  there was only one other English-speaker, Italian Simona, and we were not allowed to speak in any language other than French whilst at school. [PS – although this was many years ago, Simona and I are still friends!]

Let me tell you – this was a HUGE incentive to learn as quickly as possible, because my classmates from all over the world seemed so interesting!

So – did I learn? YES, I did – I learnt enough in four weeks to be able to order coffee in a café without fear, to buy groceries, and to participate in conversations. All of this led me to learn French in Paris every day.

Am I a fluent French-speaker? If I lived full-time in France or in a French-speaking location, I’m sure I would be.  My level of comprehension is pretty good, but if there are topics I’ve never had to read about or learn the French words, then I struggle with those.  I do love to learn, though, so I’m willing to learn new words and phrases all the time.

Prefer to learn French at home?

There are a couple of programs which I’ve tried and can recommend – each link will open in a new window so this one will remain open for you to come back to.

The first is a program which teaches you how to learn languages – any languages – you can click here to read more about learning any language >>

The second is a great easy way to learn French, and if you’ve got 20 minutes a day to spare, then click here to see why this is perfect at-home course for you >>

The third is called Rocket French – a truly wonderful progam which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I learnt a lot from – click here to read more about Rocket French >>

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