How to use the Metro in Paris

Use this widget to see how to use the Metro in Paris.

Click the little button and a new window will open.

Simply type the name of the metro stop (or station) and click ‘Stop’, or type the address to start from.

Follow those steps for your destination Metro stop or address.

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How to choose the right fare?

For occasional travels in Paris buy a “Tickets T+” (1,50 EUR per unit, 11,10 EUR the carnet of 10 tickets full fare and 5,55 EUR the carnet of 10 tickets reduced fare for children between 4 and 10). “Tickets T+” fares are available in every metro station and shop selling tobacco products. How to use it? This ticket is valid during an hour and a half and allows you to make metro/metro, bus/bus and bus/tramway connections. Ticket T+ should be validated every time you board a bus or tram.

Buying a pass is usually cheaper. Passes are available for bus, metro and RER journeys only in the zones you choose.

The cheapest pass is called “Carte Orange hebdomadaire”. Price for a week: 16,30 EUR (zones 1 and 2). No reduced fare, only valid from Monday to Sunday the same week. A photograph is necessary.

If your stay is beginning at the end of the week and is ending in the beginning of the following week the “Mobilis” daily pass should be cheaper: 5,60 EUR per day for zones 1 and 2.

Children aged between 4 and 11: choose a “Paris Visite” pass at 4,25 EUR (zones 1 to 3/one day), 7 EUR/2 days, 9,50 EUR/3 days and 13,75 EUR/5 days.

Young people under 26 can buy a “Ticket Jeunes”. This pass is only valid on Saturdays and Sundays and costs 3.20 EUR for zones 1/3.

Airports: Roissy is in the zone 5 and Orly in zone 4. For Roissy I advise to take the RER B line at 8,20 EUR and for Orly the “Orlybus” at 7,60 EUR. In some cases a pass should be cheaper:- “Carte Orange hebdomadaire”: 26,70 EUR zones 1 / 4 and 32,10 EUR zones 1 / 5.- Mobilis: 9,30 EUR zones 1 / 4 and 12,50 EUR zones 1 / 5.- “Paris Visite” for children zones 1 / 6 at 9 EUR per day, 13,75 EUR/2 days, 19,25 EUR/3 days and 23,50 EUR/5 days.A pass valid for the zone #4 allows you to travel to Versailles and a pass valid for the zone #5 to travel to Disneyland Paris.

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