How much spending money will I need in Paris?

by Anne

How much will it cost to eat in Paris restaurants?

How much will it cost to eat in Paris restaurants?


I’m going to Paris for 7 nights. The trip is paid for except spending money. We have no idea how much to budget. We will probably do the basic tourist things, but not go to crazy.

We have breakfast at the hotels but the other meals we will buy.

We won’t be doing a lot of sit-down meals because we don’t want all our money to go to food.

Shopping will not be too much, some markets would be fun for clothes and stuff. I’m guessing $US200 a day? Does that sound enough for the basic meals and little spending?

How much spending money will I need in Paris?

Above: shopping at the foot of Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart church) in Montmartre. Photo � 2008 Teena Hughes

Answer to “How much spending money will I need in Paris?”

Hi there Anne, how wonderful! Bet you have the best time!

I’ve recently created a list of average amounts of money I spent in Paris recently, and I will add a few more items here for you.

If you’ve got breakfast included in your hotel cost, that’s great – but be prepared to be bored after a few day. You’ll definitely need to venture out and sit in a cafe near the Seine and order their Breakfast, called “Petit Dejeneur”, which is shortened to “P’tit Dej” in many places on the menu.

Depending on where you choose to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, the prices can vary greatly.

I allowed :

  • 10 euro for breakfast
  • 15-20 euros for lunch
  • and 20-35 euro for dinner

and I had fabulous meals at these prices, splurging on dinner every now and then.

If you like your wine (and who doesn’t?), that can be the surprise cost for you added to a meal.

For example a small jug of wine could hold 2 or 4 glasses, and can often be the same price as your lunch. (Yes, I indulged in the French habit of having a glass of wine with lunch :-)

If you need to keep track of your expenses, ALWAYS ask the price of something when it’s recommended, for example a ‘Menu fixe’ – fixed price menu, or a bottle of wine.

If you choose the Menu Fixe, you’ll often be pleasantly surprised at the great value for money – and many cafes, most restaurants and brasseries offer this.

Click here to read a sample list of money I spent in Paris >>

If you’ve got $US200 a day, you’ll have plenty of money to get by one without scrimping.

Because it’s summer in Paris, some of the best meals might be picnics you have in one of the many beautiful parks. Simply visit a delicatessen or a pproduce market and buy your goodies, grab some drinks, and enjoy a relaxing few hours picnicking in Paris – ooh la la, what fun!

Let me know if you have any other questions, and BON VOYAGE!



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