Hidden Paris Tours Barge Cruise

“A barge cruise? Really?”

Want to do something so relaxing and away from the tourist crowds? I had a marvellous two and a half hours on the hidden Paris tours Barge Cruise! Hree are some of my photos and a little video I took :-)

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Photos all © Teena Hughes – A-Night-in-Paris 2008-2009

The Hidden Paris Tours Barge Cruise is two and a half hours of cruising the canals of Paris, ending up cruising along the River Seine. I was in Paris and it sounded like a great way to relax on a beautiful summer’s day, to be entertained and share my picnic with friends.  The picture below shows where we boarded the cruise at Parc de la Villette.

Two and a half hours aboard the Hidden Paris barge cruise was fabulous and relaxing

After being out in the sun for well over an hour (take a hat and sunscreen with you), we slipped into the canal which ventures underneath the Bastille Monument.

Two kilometres of pitch black!  Eerie, surreal and then suddenly – a lilting tune could be heard … As it got louder (and remember it was too dark to see the hand in front of my face) I could see who it was as we passed underneath one of the huge lightwells in the roof of the tunnel.

My video of the Paris Barge Cruise

Watch the video on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbSTpj-MBDE


This video is shot in the dark on the barge slowly moving in a pitch black tunnel, so you only get to see a few images as we pass under a skylight.  I was sitting right at the front so you can see the flag which was on the bow of the boat.The surprise highlight was our tour guide who had started playing his clarinet – and what a haunting tune it was – fabulous! He was a real character and entertained in French and English, regaling us with funny stories of the history of the areas we were floating through, it was thoroughly enjoyable. You’ll need to make notes on the map you’re given, so you can return on another day to the fabulous little areas you might not normally see when visiting Paris.

If you’ve got a couple of hours and want to do something really relaxing, you might like to spend a morning afternoon on this barge cruise – I thoroughly enjoyed myself – and the price is amazingly inexpensive at around $US25 (A29) per person (still valid in Aug 2009).

Have fun, and Add A Comment to this page if you’d like to tell me about your adventure.


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Morning Departure at 9:30am from Musee D’ Orsay

Afternoon Departure at 2:30pm from Parc De La Villette

Price: approx $AUD29 | approx $25 per person

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