My Secret About Paris

My secret about Paris … and why I made this website

Moulin Rouge :

Part of my secret about Paris is that I love it.

There – I’ve said it out loud.


Hi, my name’s Teena Hughes, I’m an Australian who has lived in Paris (several times) and I love it. I am a Gypsy and have lived in lots of great places, but my heart remains in Paris.  Right now I’m living back in Sydney, and return to Paris each year.

I visited Paris many years ago and was so so lucky to be able to live there for several years and fall in love with her totally.

I’ve gone back to visit many times, and I currently spend at least a month in Paris during summer around June to August, and I catch up with old friends, make some new ones, and explore lots of new areas. There’s ALWAYS something to explore in Paris!

Just before my trip in 2007, I started to gather tons of notes about things I wanted to do, and I thought it would be a great idea to put all my info into a website so I could share it – for free – with lots of other people. I find something new to love about Paris on every trip, and this one was no exception.

On that trip I decided to spend June and July in Paris every year [not too hot] and pop back whenever possible.  I even decided to incorporate one of my other passions – teaching silk painting classes – in Paris – I now also offer a Plus Size Fashion Adventure in Paris. And to have this website bring in some income to help finance my other passions seemed like a great idea …

Have you guessed my other passions?

Moulin Rouge : A-Night-in-Paris.comI love to travel … I love foreign cultures, I love meeting new people and being adventurous and learning to survive in other places.

It all started when I first left Australia. I was recently divorced and uncertain as to how my life would unfold … little did I know what the Universe had in store for me!

I put my life in storage and took off for 6 weeks to the USA [I was living in Australia at the time]. From one day to the next I never knew what was going to happen, I let life ‘happen’ to me, I was open to new experiences and opportunities, and have to say that when I returned to Australia SEVEN YEARS LATER, I felt pretty good [that’s right – I was gone for 7 years!]. I’d gone from a really nervous first-time flyer, to a world traveller with amazing stories to tell.

I’d lived in and travelled to New Zealand, Alaska, USA, Mauritius, France, Canada, Germany, Austria, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Bali, Hong Kong, Greece, Switzerland, Haiti, Aruba, Curacao … just to name a few places :-)

Since then I’ve continued to travel, have lived overseas again in USA and Europe – several times – and love to write and tell my friends about my adventures.

I’ve been writing a newsletter for friends for years, called TROPICAL TRASH, with updates on my travels and adventures as they happen, and over the past few years many friends suggested I turn this into a website or a blog. I didn’t take their advice – then – and continued to travel and revisit friends I’d made overseas.


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