About Me – Teena Hughes

Hi there, this About Me page is a little introduction to my story …

I first lived in Paris in the early 1980s after following my heart. Whilst there I learned to paint on silk and fell in love with this amazing way to created designs on fabric – something I continue to do today.

I spent 3 years in Paris working in an advertising agency, and had a magical wonderful time, and only left when I was offered a new adventure to go work in Greece.

Over the years I’ve returned to Paris to live for a month or more at a time, and in the past few years I’ve started teaching silk painting workshops – back in Paris – during the summer months. What a wonderful joy this is!

Yes, I’d love to live in Paris again, I just have to work out how to make a living in this amazing city, and how to bring my cat Mooshie with me from Australia :-)


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Thanks for dropping by!


PS – My friend Lyn just sent me this to remind me of a weekend she and friend Rinka spent in Paris – they came to visit me in February 1986 – ah what a delightful photo!!

Teena, Lyn & Rinka in Paris at l'Arc de Triomphe