Wear comfortable shoes in Paris

2 September 2009
Wear comfortable shoes in Paris

Buy comfy black Reiker shoes in ParisDo your feet swell when you fly? Then you simply must wear comfortable shoes in Paris when you’re exploring this marvellous city.

In 2008 I had a real problem with my feet – I couldn’t fit into any of the shoes I had with me, and ended up doing a quick search online to find large shoes, preferably somewhere close to where I was staying.  I was struggling to walk and couldn’t walk for too long at all.

My feet usually swell when I fly, because I am in the air for so long when I depart from Sydney, Australia, but they generally settle down after a day or two.

Not this time – yikes!

So I let my fingers do the walking (over the internet) and I found a place which was only about ten minutes’ walk from my friend’s apartment – fabulous!Buy comfy Reiker shoes in Paris

I headed off, found the shop, introduced myself to the owner (after I squeezed through all the precariously balanced boxes) and was treated to the best service I can ever remember receiving in a shoe store.

My feet were swollen all over right up to the ankles, so I needed wide shoes with an extended strap of some kind.  After trying on about a dozen pairs, I slipped on these little beauties and they felt like soft leather gloves – perfect! They were available in right up to size 42 (European) which is size 11 in US fittings.

The brand is Reiker and they come in lots of styles and colours for normal to wide feet.  I highly recommend them!  There is absolutely nothing worse than hobbling around in Paris with painful or sore feet, so treat yourself either before you leave home, or when you get to Paris. You won’t regret it, I promise!

PS – they were so comfy I bought TWO pair! :-)

Where to buy your comfy shoes in Paris

I bought mine at the Marvin shoe shop – Chaussures Marvin – 56 rue Marx Dormoy, 75018 Paris

Telephone in Paris 01-42-05-77-72. Here’s the business card I collected:


Buy comfy black Reiker shoes in Paris at Chaussures Marvin

Buy before you leave home!

If you want to buy before you leave home, I’ve found the Reiker shoes at a great price online – click this banner and type REIKER in the search box on their website. Good luck!


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