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Paris has a special place in my heart …

A-Night-in-Paris.com is owned by Teena Hughes Hi I’m Teena Hughes, I’m an Australian who loves Paris (currently living on the east coast of Australia in a beach suburb near Brisbane!), and I know you’re probably looking for quick ways to find information for your trip, so let me help you. In my website you’ll find articles and stories I’ve written about my yearly trips to Paris, where I spend about six weeks catching up with friends, and hosting fun Adventures in Paris! The photo below shows a fabulous little cafe I found called THANK YOU MY DEER (how cool is that??) — do pop in, and let me know what you think!

A-Night-in-Paris.com visits Cafe Thank You My Deer is a real find, located in the 11th arrondissement 75011 of Paris

Read more about the yummy French breakfast I made at home in Australia recently >>

French breakfast in Australia with Teena Hughes

I made this little video below — I do hope you enjoy it!



And here are all the buttoms to find all the juicy information about Paris, France on my website – have fun, and do please send me a question if you need any help! Talk soon, cheers, Teena!

To do in Paris France - markets are on different days of the week, dotted throughout the suburbsYou're in Paris - wine, coffee, delicious fresh juice can be found in the cafes, bars and restaurantsVisit the Eiffel Tower, climb to the top for a fabulous view of ParisDon't know where to find plus size clothing stores?



Where do I …?

I can help you plan your visit, decide where to sleep (apartments, hotels, B&Bs), where to eat, what to drink. I’ve even created some videos and audio bites so you can learn to speak French (with a few French phrases), and know how to order coffee in Paris(one of my favourite pastimes is drinking coffee in outdoor cafés!).

Why not visit the fabulous textile and fabric stores in MontmartreWhy not take a fabulous barge cruise through the hidden ParisWhy not savour the huge variety of teas in the many Salons de ThésWhy not have a delicious hot chocolate in one of the many fabulous chocolate shops


How do I find …?

Once you’ve answered all the “where” questions, you might want to know about the Paris city map (and the 20 arrondissements/districts), getting around in Paris, what to eat from all the famous French food, and things to do. Perhaps visit the multicultural hidden Parisfor delicious ethnic food and flavours.

While in Paris check out some of my favourite cafésWondering what to do in Paris France? Find an internet café, check out what's on around town, and keep in touch with friends and familyGot a list of what to do in Paris France? Why not visit a Brasserie for a delicious mealMeet the locals and share brunch, coffee, cocktails - what a great idea!

What about kids & tours?

I’ll share with you information about family vacations in Paris (and plenty of stuff in Paris for kids to do), all tours and attractions, the Paris schedule of what’s on each month, and places to visit within an hour’s distance (a list of 10 daytrips outside Paris).

`Wondering what to do in Paris France? The catacombs are an amazing part of Paris' history Wondering what to do in Paris France? Join the silk painting adventure with Teena HughesA visit to artists' studios is a great ideawhy not visit the English-speaking and American bookstores

A Night in Paris, France - the Eiffel Tower Restaurant signPacking for Paris

If you’re not sure about what to pack, I’ve created some Checklists of different travel packing tips for women, men and carry-on baggage. Plus tips on online banking, internet cafés and email, passports, cellphones/mobile phones – even tips about your prescription glasses.

Questions & answers

Many folks have asked me questions about all kinds of things to do with Paris and France, so I share those with you too – maybe you’ll find answers to yours! Learn about French culture, French love phrases, and French phrases for buying drinks.

Check out the Gay and Lesbian hotels, events, bars in Paris, FranceRent a Velib bike anywhere in Paris, it's a great deal!What to do in Paris France? Use your Euros and go shopping, of courseWhat to do in Paris France? So many things to choose from in the City of Love and Light

Off the beaten track

You’ll find fabulous places to drink the best hot chocolate in Paris, wander through ancient covered walkways lined with quaint little shops, where to find soy latte (yes, you can!), and one of my favourite Paris tours is a barge cruise which goes UNDER Bastille – take a picnic with you! Whatever you plan for your trip to Paris, leave plenty of room for serendipity, meeting the locals, watching the world go by from an outdoor café and simply enjoying yourself;  most importantly of all – have fun!

A Night in Paris France - my tips on things to do, where to sleep, what to eat A-Night-in-Paris.com - Visit artist studios, French books, Pont Alexandre III

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